Only China Foodies Will Know

Calling all Chinese learners that are also foodies, listen up! Come learn some new ways to talk about food with the passion it deserves. Come commiserate about the Chinese food problems we all have (Shandong pancakes being sold out, eating your nut bracelet). Come enjoy this great video from TM Shanghai. Vocabulary 螃蟹 pángxiè crab 红烧 hóngshāo braised 发胖 fāpàng Read more about Only China Foodies Will Know[…]

Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge

We all love a good tongue twister. Because of tones, Chinese tongue twisters can be combinations of the same phonetic sounds over and over but with changing tones to make a phrase. If you want to impress your Chinese friends, learn some from these videos and wow them with your skills. Check out this Chinese Read more about Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge[…]

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狼多肉少 – Many wolves, little meat

The chéngyǔ 狼多肉少 (láng duō ròu shǎo) literally translates to wolf (狼 láng) many (多 duō) meat (肉 ròu), little (少 shǎo). Or, in more standard English, ‘many wolves, little meat.’ This is one of the more direct chéngyǔ, that doesn’t require a huge background story to understand the meaning. It describes a situation where Read more about 狼多肉少 – Many wolves, little meat[…]

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狗急跳墙 – A nervous dog jumps over the wall

The chéngyǔ 狗急跳墙 (gǒu jí tiào qiáng) breaks down to dog (狗 gǒu) nervous (急 jí) jumps (跳 tiào) wall (墙 qiáng) Or, in more standard English, ‘A nervous dog jumps over the wall.’ While it may make sense on the surface, the true meaning of this chengyu may not perfectly match your first impression. Read more about 狗急跳墙 – A nervous dog jumps over the wall[…]

Chinese Girlfriends | North vs. South

If you don’t know the difference between northern and southern Chinese girls — this video is a must watch. If you think you know the difference, then check your understanding with this video. If you think you definitely know, then enjoy a good laugh as these differences are beautifully visualized by TMD Shanghai. Vocabulary 北方 Read more about Chinese Girlfriends | North vs. South[…]

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画蛇添足 – Drawing a snake and adding legs to it

The chéngyǔ 画蛇添足 (huà shé tiān zú ) breaks down to drawing (画 huà ) snake (蛇shé) add (添tiān) legs/feet (足 zú). In English, we would say “drawing the snake and adding legs to it” or simply “adding legs to a snake.” This chéngyǔ comes from a famous Chinese story from the Warring States (战国 Zhànguó) Read more about 画蛇添足 – Drawing a snake and adding legs to it[…]

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守株待兔 – Holding a tree and waiting for a rabbit

The chéngyǔ 守株待兔 (shǒu zhū dài tù) breaks down to hold (守 shǒu) plant  (株 zhū) wait (待 dài) rabbit (兔 tù). In English, this is translated to ‘holding the tree and waiting for the rabbit’ or ‘keeping watch at the tree awaiting a rabbit.’ During the Spring and Autumn period, there was a farmer Read more about 守株待兔 – Holding a tree and waiting for a rabbit[…]

90’s China vs. Now – Part 1.

This video comedically exaggerates the difference in Chinese culture during the 90’s vs now as made by TMD Shanghai.  Vocabulary 电视剧 diànshìjù n. TV series 时尚 shíshàng n. fashion 联系 liánxì v. contact 网站 wǎngzhàn n. website 约会 yuēhuì n. appointment 音乐 yīnyuè n. music 游戏 yóuxì n. game 明星 míngxīng n. Celebrity 行尸走肉 xíngshīzǒuròu Read more about 90’s China vs. Now – Part 1.[…]