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HBO Asia -The Teenage Psychic

The Teenage Psychic, a Taiwanese original series which is also the first Chinese language series on HBO. HBO Asia’s first collaborated with Taiwan’s Public Television Services (PTS) along with a Singaporean production company, InFocus Asia (IFA). Aired last month in 28 countries in Asia, directed by 29-year-old Taiwanese writer-director Chen Ho-Yu.“Through collaborating with Public Television Service[…]

Chinese superstition - part II Chinese 1-on-1 online lessons at tutormandarin

Chinese Superstition – Part II

Chinese superstition is deeply rooted in Chinese culture even until now. Do you know that the birth rate rises drastically during the year of the zodiac sign “Dragon”? In contrast, it dropped on the year of “tiger” or “snake”. People still truly believe that children born in the year of the dragon will have a[…]

Ask About the Weather at Tutormandarin 1-on-1 online chinese lessons

Ask About the Weather

Planning to visit around the city during your travel in China? Perhaps going on a hike would be a perfect choice! To be sure, asking about the weather before going would definitely be a wise move. Today, we are going to learn how to talk about the climate and some short conversations about the weather![…]

leftover women 1-on-1 online Chinese lesson with tutormandarin

Leftover Women

In most parts of the world, women are still living under a lot of stereotypes. For example, women should get married around their twenties and have a baby around thirties. Women should do housework, stay home and take care of the child, women should…etc etc etc. In the 21st century, it’s still hard to change[…]

Understanding China - PART 02 - Know your Chinese Zodiac Animals - Blog

Know Your Chinese Zodiac Animal – Part 2

Last time we’ve already given you some information about the Chinese Zodiac Animal – All in all 12 different animals with different attributes. Today we will continue with the next 4 zodiac animals: dragon (龙 / 龍 lóng), snake (蛇 shé), horse (马 / 馬 mǎ) and goat (羊 yáng).   Missed our last post[…]

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TutorMandarin Launches Android APP on Google Play!

“Mandarin Goes Mobile” w/ new APP, TutorMandarin 1-on-1 online Chinese classes taught by certified Mandarin tutors through a state-of-the-art Android app that features a virtual classroom, full in-app courses, interactive daily content, and more. TutorMandarin is available now on Google Play.    TutorMandarin has officially launched its Android app today on the Google Play Store,[…]