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We currently offer Beginner 1 through Intermediate 2 spoken Chinese courses. A course has between 26-31 lessons including supplements, overviews, and more.

Courses are the best way to learn Chinese in an strong, orderly process. Courses can be bought at discount through 'packages' for fast-track learners. Users can also purchase individual lessons from courses at anytime.

Beginner 1

For learners who do not speak Chinese or speak only a little bit of Chinese


This 1-on-1 course will help you develop strong foundation in Chinese with particular focus on speaking and listening. Using interactive teaching methods bent on practical application, you will begin learning the necessary building blocks of pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. Classes are both speaking-based and student focused, using a multitude of pictures and questions to get students speaking out in Chinese quickly and as fluently as possible.

What you will learn

• 250 words related to daily life

• Introducing yourself

• Taking part at simple conversations (talk about your family, describe places and locations)

• Expressing your needs and wants (ordering food, buying tickets, asking for about prices, taking taxis

• How to express your opinion

Beginner 2

For Chinese learners who can conduct basic conversations and ask simple questions


This course teaches the basics of Chinese grammar, like using past, present, and future time. Based on interactive discussions and activities, you will become comfortable using key grammar and phrases in your regular conversations. Lessons are centered around practical topics, such as asking for the directions and time, changing money, booking tickets and introducing family members and friends.

What you will learn

• 250 words (500 total together w/ B1)

• Daily social phrases

• Simple daily conversations (Discussing hobbies, talking about the future and the past)

• How to offer and decline an invitation (How to invite, rejecting people, feeling pity)

• Explaining situations (talk to the taxi driver, talking to a doctor)

• Giving a personal introduction

• Comparing two things and answer simple questions

Intermediate 1

For Chinese learners who can already communicate confidently about familiar topics related to their interests. Learners are also able to understand the context of a conversation and to take part in an exchange


During this course, you will get to know more specialized Chinese grammar patterns, phrases, as well as vocabulary relevant to your interests as well as public interest topics. Students will also learn more intensively how to use comparative and narrative descriptions of past, present, and future time through role plays in various situations.

What you will learn

• 250 Vocabulary words (750 Total from B1-I1)

• Discussing about daily life, education, and work

• Using different social phrases for different occasions

• How to discuss topics and hobbies (lifestyle, sports, travel plans)

• Expressing personal preference (what you like or dislike, buying things on internet, product quality)

• Show off your personality by diving deeper into interests, feelings, and opinions (Job choices, vacation plans, personality types)

Intermediate 2

For Chinese learners who can communicate confidently on both routine and non-routine matters related to their interests


In Intermediate 2, you’ll become more confident with your daily conversations and will learn more sentence structures and phrases. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and their social life, which enables you to interact more naturally. Through increasingly complex discussions with your tutor you will learn to share your opinions and thoughts more clearly.

What you will learn

• 280 words (1030 total from B1-I2) related to your daily life, studying, and working

• Topics such as lifestyle (education, health, technology, jobs and cultural differences)

• Be able to talk to your colleagues about issues which concerns your work (interviews, field names, etc.) and free time (plans, experiences, etc.)

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