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We will teach you how to confidently speak Chinese using our four fundamental strengths
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We provide professional, one-on-one Mandarin tutoring from certified Chinese language teachers — each with over 500 hours of experience

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Classes are taken through a revolutionary mobile and PC classroom that includes high quality video calling, an interactive whiteboard, and viewable lesson content

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Systematic Education

A framework built around HSK standards that lets users take full step-by-step courses or create their own experience with individual topic-based classes

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Personalized Learning

Each user starts with a free 50 minute trial and full language evaluation — as well as class notes, progress statistics, and education badges

About TutorMandarin

"The best way to learn Chinese online"

TutorMandarin is an online Chinese language teaching service and mobile application where professional tutors with over 500 hours of experience teach full spoken courses and individual topic-based classes through a state of the art virtual classroom. Each student gets a personalized learning experience -- including their own custom student resume, individual class notes, and educational badges. Plus, all students get free access to our daily What's On articles, curated Youtube videos, and Flashcards.

  • Whether you're studying for business, travel, education, the HSK, or simply daily communication - TutorMandarin has the tutors, education system, and technology to help you reach your spoken Chinese goals. If you really want to learn to speak Chinese, then TutorMandarin is absolutely right for you.

  • You and every other student starts their Chinese journey with a FREE 50 minute trial class and full language evaluation. Start by filling in the form on the 'FREE TRIAL' page and we'll take it from there.


TutorMandarin is available through both your computer and Android phone. Come explore the software that’s being described as a ‘one-stop shop’ for quickly and efficiently learning to speak Chinese.


TutorMandarin Chinese tutors are all professionals who have graduated with a degree in Chinese Language Education and have deep classroom and online teaching experience. Come meet a few!


Hi, my name is Nicole – 杨春艳. I graduated from Sichuan University in Chinese Language Studies and went onto become a professional Chinese teacher with a TCSOL certification. I have taught HSK, business, and general Chinese.


Hi, I’m Vincy. I graduated from Liaoning Normal University’s School of Chinese Language and Literature. I majored in teaching Chinese as a Second Language and currently hold a qualification certificate as well as a Mandarin 1 level certificate. I have taught both business and general Chinese for many years.


Hello everyone. This is your tutor Jennifer. With a background in Social Sciences, I’m happy to teach more advanced topics including social issues or political dispute without prejudice and personal preference. So keep going on your Chinese learning journey. I will be with you every step of the way – see you in class!


Hi, I’m Candy. I graduated from Xi’an Translator University where I majored in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. My interests are food, drink, entertainment, and international news. Let’s get talking!


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