Credit Booking and Scheduling Rules

Credit booking gives you the freedom to book credits in any order and at your own pace, however does not provide any significant discount unless purchasing large amounts of credits.

Can I change my session to a different time after I schedule it?

You can change your session to a different time as long as it follows the two rules above. It must still be 24 hours or later than the time you are changing the session AND it can’t be changed to any time past 28 days of when you are scheduling it. Also, if it is in less than 24 hours, you will lose 2 credits and must pay two more credits to change it.

How Long is the Suspension Period?
  • The required minimum length of each suspension applied is 7 days. If there are less than 7 days of suspension left in your account, you can take a suspension of whatever is left in your account all at once.
  • You have to inform us about your suspension period within 1 week after your last booking class. For example, You attended class on Jan 1st, 2017, 12:00 PM, and you want to start your suspension period. You have to tell us before Jan 7th 11:59 AM; otherwise, we won’t consider the suspension period has been taken place.
  • You can activate your suspension period by sending us an email to  
Is there a limit to how many sessions I can book in a day?

No, there is no limit. You can fit as many sessions as you want to in one day.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can change or cancel?

No. As long as it is done 24 hours or more before the sessions, all your credits will be refunded.

Is there a limit to what sessions I can purchase based on level?

Yes, you can purchase any session in your level and below.

What if I want to book a session above my level?

No problem! You just need to take the previous Course Overview Supplement. This will test your language level and allow you to move on to the next Course if you think you are ready.


Billy is in level B1 and has taken several lessons in the B1 course. He feels ready for B2. He schedules the B1 Overview Supplement and course B2 is unlocked after completing the B1 Overview.

What if I want to purchase a package above my level?

We require you to purchase a package based on or below your level. You can purchase your current course level package and the next level at the same time. But you have to activate and complete the first package and then you can activate the other.

What is Suspension period?

We can allow users to suspend their account for minimum 1 week to maximum 1 month because of various reasons, going on vacation, busy work/school schedules etc, and hence the minimum 1 class/week rule can be excluded in this circumstance.

There is currently no limit time you can use suspension period, but accumulated time cannot exceed 1 month.

Your credits will still expire in one year after you purchased the credit.

What is the latest I can schedule a session?

Our tutors are required to submit their schedule for one month(28 days) in advance. You can schedule a session as late as 28 days from the time that you book.

Example: It is June 1st and you want to schedule a session for later this month. You can schedule any time between June 2nd(24 hours after) and June 29th(28 days later).

When is the earliest I can Schedule a session?

You can schedule a session as early as 24 hours after your current time.

Example: It is 8:00 pm, you want to schedule a lesson for the next day. You can schedule it at any point at 8:00 pm or later the next day.

When is the latest I can Cancel a session?

You can cancel a session as late as 24 hours before the session. However, if it is past 24 hours, you will lose your credits.


Credits Lost: It is 8:01 pm, you want to cancel your session for 8:00pm the next day. You can BUT you will lose your credits.

Credits Refunded: It is 8:00pm, you want to cancel your session for 8:00pm the next day. You can AND your credits will be refunded.

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