Recommended Resources is a website of Zizzle eLearning Inc. and offers a Chinese learning App for Android and iOs user. Zizzle offers more than 3000 vocab cards (HSK 1-6), that combine the keyword method with visualization and association. Using different ways to memorize a single character deepens the understanding of Chinese and helps you to keep vocabs in your long-term memory. Combining 1-on-1 classes of TutorMandarin with the learning concept of Zizzles' vocabs will you become a high-flyer in Mandarin. Start with some free stories or a free lesson and learn how much fun studying Chinese characters can be. is edited by Lingolistic Ltd. and a language learning website that offers several languages besides Mandarin and Dothraki from Game of Thrones. Ligostistics offers more than 23000 learning Videos and exercises to learn not only key words, but also sentences and a lot more. Combined with TutorMandarin you will have the perfect package that meet all the needs of a Mandarin student. Give it a try and join their community to push Chinese skills to a new level!

BookBox Inc. offers many different media to learn Mandarin. They became famous due to their videos of animated stories powered by the methodology “Same Language Subtitling (SLS) to optimize your learning results. Watch funny stories while strengthening your listening comprehension easily. Using these fun materials additionally to your courses at TutorMandarin, you will boost your Mandarin skills to a new level. Give it a try and check out BookBox Inc. YouTube Channel to find out more about their Mandarin Learning Videos.

LingosMio is owned and operated by Insperia Education Pvt. Ltd. and gives you a lot of helpful materials, if you are interested in learning English, Spanish, Hindi or Mandarin Chinese. Learn Mandarin while using their fun and interactive exercises to improve your language skills easily. Focusing on vocabs, grammar, and conversation, LingosMio is a good add-on to complete your Chinese learning resources. Register now to expand your Mandarin language skills! is edited by dotExpat Ltd, a Private Company. It provides expatriates accurate information and answers about the major cities all over the world with the most expatriates. We give you the possibility to register your expat blog via and take advantage of all tools provided in the Easy Expat community.

Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese

Famous Chinese teachers in Beijing provide 1 on 1 live class and free conversation practice of mandarin 24/7 from Beijing to anywhere of the world through high technical and professional video classroom on Internet.

SICAS-Study in China

SICAS. The Only Platform officially supported by Chinese Government & Ministry of Education "Study in China" Project and authorized by nearly 300+ China`s Top Universities.

Learn Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese

Chinese Characters Dictionary incredibly comprehensive database which allows you to search for characters by meaning or romanisation. Even better, you can choose what to display for the character once it is found, such as jyutping romanisation or a link to a sound file of how to pronounce it. I use this site a lot to help me put these pages together.

Digital Language Lab

Digital Language Lab is developed by ZYBRO TECHNOLOGIES with Corporate office in Bangalore and development centre in Cochin. We serve above 500 clients in India and a global presence with our learning software. Digital Language Lab is one of our premium educational solutions being used in many institutions worldwide.

Spanish Classes Online

Spanish Classes Online offers online Spanish lessons that highlights one-to-one contact with our teachers.

AddALL Books Search and Price Comparison

AddALL is a free service that searches for the best deal in books anywhere on-line. It was built by book buyers for book buyers. It is an independent and impartial web site, not owned by any bookstore. The search result is therefore totally objective.


Asiawind is gradually upgrading to be more interactive for users with mobile devices, as well as having more functions to accept images and videos. Please pardon the glitches during the transition.

China Sprout

China Sprout is to offer the best Chinese educational and cultural products to anyone with an interest in Chinese culture and language.

Useful Links

Useful Links Websites for learning Chinese, and for finding information about Chinese history and cultural aspects. Teachers and students of Chinese will find these websites (in English or Chinese) useful and interesting to browse.

Ghost – The Professional Publishing Platform

Ghost is a fully open source, hackable platform for building and running a modern online publication. We power blogs, magazines and journalists from Zappos to Sky News.

My Chinese Lessons

My Chinese Lessons offers free online Chinese lessons. We have complete self-study Chinese language courseware available for free on our site. Browse our lessons and give it a try. For those who want to take their Chinese to the next level we also offer personalized online Chinese lessons with native speaking Chinese instructors. Contact Us for details about our online one-on-one instructor led Chinese lessons.

Active Chinese

Learn Mandarin with Active Chinese is an Interactive Virtual Learning Environment, complete with Flash Animated Lessons, Downloadable Materials (for iPod too), Live Tutors, Animated Character Writing, and much more!

Mandarin Spot

MandarinSpot is designed to help you in your study of Chinese language and reading Chinese online. Here you can add Mandarin pronunciation to any Chinese text as either Hanyu Pinyin, often called simply Pinyin, Zhuyin Fuhao also known as Bopomofo or other, less known Chinese phonetic systems. Here you can use both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters as long as you don't mix them inside one word.

Mandarin Pronunciation Exercises and Learning Components

Pinyin Practice was built to help my students practice the sounds of Chinese. Hope it continues to help others.

Pristine Communications

Pristine Communications is a multilingual services and technology provider whose mission is to enable cross-cultural communication, understanding and interaction. We also care deeply about the world in which we live.

Teach or Study in China

TOSIC offers an enriching alternative to increase your education and understanding of the Chinese culture and its people. You will also have the chance to learn its language, customs and traditions while teaching or studying and sharing your personal and professional experience and expertise.

Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese

Wenlin institute makes some of the world’s most advanced software and dictionaries for learning, reading and writing Chinese language. The Wenlin ABC Mandarin and Cantonese Dictionaries contain over 73,000 characters and 200,000 Mandarin words and phrases and 15,000 Cantonese entries with advanced dictionary tools include instant look-up, animated stroke-by-stroke display, click access to essential vocabulary info, sound recordings, flashcards, and more. Learn more about our desktop and web-based products at Wenlin Shang Dian. Free versions available!

Chinese Poetry Forum

Chinese Poetry Forum is primary mission is to establish an open platform for promoting the learning and teaching of Chinese poetry and poetic culture. The Forum strives to provide a broad range of services for students, scholars, and all Chinese poetry lovers.

Language Directory

Language Directory is a system of commonly accepted symbols or codes which is used as a means of communication among people. With several languages being spoken and written across the world, language has come to be a common factor binding people. Language is an important means of communication and thus, the need to learn or atleast be aware of the local language before you visit a new place.

Online Degrees

Online Degrees have established the importance of learning a foreign language, let’s take a look at some resources that will help you learn and practice.


YourMandarin is Chongqing's first Chinese language institute. We are dedicated to deliver courses ranging from four main themes, namely, Conversational Mandarin, Business Mandarin, HSK Preparation course and Chinese culture course.

Mandarin Chinese Resources

Mezzoguild Mandarin Chinese-resources.Here are my most highly recommended resources for learning Mandarin Chinese.I frequently refer to them in many of the articles I write on this site because I know they’re fantastic and they’ve been crucial to my own learning.

Find My Favourite Teacher

Find best suited English Schools, Teachers and Tutors, Private English lessons - Site for private English lessons, Find motivated, best suited English tutors, schools and students on-line.

Watch to Learn Chinese

Watch to Learn Chinese was created by Philipp Lenssen and Yinxue in 2008, living in Germany, with YouTube videos by their respective creators. I hope the currently 564 videos from 120 creators can help you train your Chinese, along with additional material you may have or classes you may take.

Salary Surveys – Domestic & International

Executive Resources provides compensation survey data for both domestic and international locations. We also provide living and working abroad information, and a full suite of expatriate services and products designed to support international employees.

Senseio Bookstore

Senseio has been in business since 1992, focusing on bridging the gap between Chinese and American cultures. We specialize in Chinese or Chinese/English bilingual books, magazines, Cultural Arts & Crafts, Gift Items, and other multimedia. It carries an extensive selection of Chinese language products, which over the years, have continued grow. Our product line is updated regularly. New additions are promoted in our newsletters and special email promotions. Our Products are unique because we personally select each and every one of them. Providing the best quality items available from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S. Over the years, it has grown to become a leading Chinese language resource for schools, libraries, and other learning institutions.

NJStar Software Company

NJStar Software has been developing Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) software since 1991. The following CJK software products are currently available for trial and purchase. We encourage you to download a trial version and try it out. Trying is Believing!

Learn Chinese Online

eChineseLearning is the world's premier online Chinese language school and it provide the best Chinese language education service worldwide at an affordable price and always focus on the needs of our customers and offer them effective and enjoyable Chinese language learning experience.

The Chinese Outpost

The Chinese Outpost is a "labor of love" hobby site that grew from one person's interest in the language, history and culture of China. I'm that person, Mark Baker, originally from Ohio but now living near Seattle, Washington, with my wife (a native of China) and our two young daughters.

Chinese Language Software & AV Programs

China Links contains annotated links to over six hundred China and Chinese language and linguistics-related websites.

Chinese Tools

On-line Chinese Tools provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language. From the novice Chinese language student to the advanced programmer, I hope there is something here for everyone. Rather than being a Chinese language course, it provides tools to people who are already studying and using Chinese.

Brigham Young University

The BYU College of Humanities was formed in 1965 by the division of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences into the College of Humanities and the College of Social Sciences.

MBA in Technology Management is an exceptional platform offering reliable and updated information on convenient and flexible form of education.

Smart Hanzi provides the English or German translation of all words found in a Chinese text.

China Tour Online is a China tour company with expertise in vacation packages to china arrangement. We specialize in designing guided tours of China, covering exclusive private tours for families and friends & best valued join-in tours for small groups. Choose us to have the most memorable trips to China!

ALS International

Accredited Language Services was launched in the heart of New York City’s financial district. Our goal was and remains to provide reliable, authoritative certified translations as well as professional interpreting and transcription services.

University of Sunderland in Hong Kong

University of Sunderland established in 1901, with over 19,000 students worldwide, the University of Sunderland is an innovative, forward-thinking university with high standards of teaching, research and support that sits at the heart of one of the UK’s most up and coming cities.

Useful Links

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Eurolinguiste - Mandarin Language Resources

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China Orbit - Information about China's history, economy, Chinese culture and travel in China

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Chinese language teaching related website, recommended mobile phone application software

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Web Directory- Learn Chinese Online

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Chinese Art Store

The Chinese Strategic Tradition: A Research Program (II),China forum

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Canberra Community Chinese School 澳洲坎培拉社区中文学校

Online Chinese

Language Hacking and Travel Tips