Recommended Resources is a website of Zizzle eLearning Inc. and offers a Chinese learning App for Android and iOs user. Zizzle offers more than 3000 vocab cards (HSK 1-6), that combine the keyword method with visualization and association. Using different ways to memorize a single character deepens the understanding of Chinese and helps you to keep vocabs in your long-term memory. Combining 1-on-1 classes of TutorMandarin with the learning concept of Zizzles' vocabs will you become a high-flyer in Mandarin. Start with some free stories or a free lesson and learn how much fun studying Chinese characters can be. is edited by Lingolistic Ltd. and a language learning website that offers several languages besides Mandarin and Dothraki from Game of Thrones. Ligostistics offers more than 23000 learning Videos and exercises to learn not only key words, but also sentences and a lot more. Combined with TutorMandarin you will have the perfect package that meet all the needs of a Mandarin student. Give it a try and join their community to push Chinese skills to a new level!

BookBox Inc. offers many different media to learn Mandarin. They became famous due to their videos of animated stories powered by the methodology “Same Language Subtitling (SLS) to optimize your learning results. Watch funny stories while strengthening your listening comprehension easily. Using these fun materials additionally to your courses at TutorMandarin, you will boost your Mandarin skills to a new level. Give it a try and check out BookBox Inc. YouTube Channel to find out more about their Mandarin Learning Videos.

LingosMio is owned and operated by Insperia Education Pvt. Ltd. and gives you a lot of helpful materials, if you are interested in learning English, Spanish, Hindi or Mandarin Chinese. Learn Mandarin while using their fun and interactive exercises to improve your language skills easily. Focusing on vocabs, grammar, and conversation, LingosMio is a good add-on to complete your Chinese learning resources. Register now to expand your Mandarin language skills! is edited by dotExpat Ltd, a Private Company. It provides expatriates accurate information and answers about the major cities all over the world with the most expatriates. We give you the possibility to register your expat blog via and take advantage of all tools provided in the Easy Expat community.

Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese

Famous Chinese teachers in Beijing provide 1 on 1 live class and free conversation practice of mandarin 24/7 from Beijing to anywhere of the world through high technical and professional video classroom on Internet.

SICAS-Study in China

SICAS - The Only Platform officially supported by Chinese Government & Ministry of Education "Study in China" Project and authorized by nearly 300+ China`s Top Universities.

Travel and Language Directory

Travel and Language Directory - Worldwide Travel sites and Language resources. Hotel, airline, tourism bureaus, State Tourism offices, Language Schools, Dictionaries and more.

The Beijing Page

Daniel Li's Inside Guide to Beijing — since 1998

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