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Teaching Chinese in 2017 still comes with two main problems

1. Students do not get enough time practicing speaking Mandarin

2. Courses materials are not up-to-date for the modern learner


TutorMandarin is the cost-effective, flexible, and customizable way for your educational institution to extend student learning. We offer 1-on-1 Chinese tutoring for each and every student in your schools using either your own or our modern materials. The result is a student can truly speak the language they're learning.

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Custom Tech Solution

• Teacher can assign regular homework assignment or require minimum weekly speaking time for their entire class


• Each student can have their own spoken Chinese Tutor to practice what they have learned in the classroom


• Work with your schools to ensure the contents and syllabus fit for your students.

• 1-on-1 Intensive Classes and 1-on-4 Group Courses


• Customized based on each individual's interests, language level, strengths and weaknesses.


• Offer each student their own Chinese Tutor right alongside your school’s curriculum

• Tailor-made branded APP/PC learning platform available on laptop or smartphone


• Share and update your instruction materials


• Reduces teacher management tasks and full training provided

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