Ask about family

Wanna introduce your family to others in Chinese, but no idea where to start from? No worries, in today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about the size of your family, and of course, the members in it. Let’s start! Conversation Ask About Family 1) A: Nǐ jiā yǒu duōshǎo (jǐ kǒu)rén ? 你家有多少(几口)人? How many Read more about Ask about family[…]

Reasons for learning Mandarin instead of a Chinese dialect

Mandarin will get you the most bang for your buck. The number of people who are speaking Chinese is still growing. Today, Mandarin is the most spoken language with 1,310 million speakers worldwide. Approximately 900 million of those are native speakers and 410 million people have learned Chinese as a second language. Spoken language Mandarin Read more about Reasons for learning Mandarin instead of a Chinese dialect[…]

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How to count to 99 in Chinese

Let’s learn how to count in Chinese today. Good news, the numerical system in Chinese is very straightforward and simple! Different from English, it doesn’t require you to count multiples of ten such as twenty, or forty in unique way, and it doesn’t require you to add “-teen” after numbers that come after ten. So Read more about How to count to 99 in Chinese[…]

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Learn how to say “Thank You!” in Chinese

When starting to learn Chinese there are certain necessary phrases you need to learn first. And isn’t it better to start with the polite ones? So we’re going to start with a word second in importance only to ‘Ni Hao!’. A word you you will hear frequently throughout your time in China (restaurants, transportation, taking Read more about Learn how to say “Thank You!” in Chinese[…]