Chinese Food Slang

  There is a Chinese proverb “吃饭皇帝大” (chī fàn huáng dì dà), which literally means “Food is bigger than the emperor”. It shares a similar meaning with the English slang “someone’s bread and butter”, which is “Nothing is more important than eating”. You can see how essential food is in Chinese life from this notion. Read more about Chinese Food Slang[…]

Chengyu Chinese recruit soldiers buy horses

招兵买马 – Recruit soldiers, buy horses

What’s it? The chéngyǔ 招兵买马 (zhāo bīng mǎi mǎ) breaks down to into recruit (招zhāo ) soldiers (兵bīng) buy (买mǎi) horses (马 mǎ). This is translated into  English as ‘recruit soldiers, buy horses.” You can take this chéngyǔ at face value, since the meaning is essentially “to raise a large army” or “to raise a Read more about 招兵买马 – Recruit soldiers, buy horses[…]