TutorMandarin Google Play Android App Launch

TutorMandarin Launches Android APP on Google Play!

“Mandarin Goes Mobile” w/ new APP, TutorMandarin 1-on-1 online Chinese classes taught by certified Mandarin tutors through a state-of-the-art Android app that features a virtual classroom, full in-app courses, interactive daily content, and more. TutorMandarin is available now on Google Play.    TutorMandarin has officially launched its Android app today on the Google Play Store, Read more about TutorMandarin Launches Android APP on Google Play![…]

如虎添翼 – Like adding wings to a tiger

What is it? The chengyu 如虎添翼 (rú hǔ tiān yì) breaks down into the words: like (如Rú) tiger (虎hǔ) add (添tiān) wings (翼yì). This translates nicely to “like adding wings to a tiger” in English. Now, what does it mean to add wings to a tiger? As you can tell from other chengyus, the tiger Read more about 如虎添翼 – Like adding wings to a tiger[…]

Is it enough to only know how to type in Chinese and not write by hand?

There are a couple of questions most people might think of, while learning Chinese! Nowadays it is more common to write an email or a letter via PC than with your hand. Hence some people are not sure how important it really is to be able to write Chinese characters by hand, we want to Read more about Is it enough to only know how to type in Chinese and not write by hand?[…]

Chengyu Chinese recruit soldiers buy horses

招兵买马 – Recruit soldiers, buy horses

What’s it? The chéngyǔ 招兵买马 (zhāo bīng mǎi mǎ) breaks down to into recruit (招zhāo ) soldiers (兵bīng) buy (买mǎi) horses (马 mǎ). This is translated into  English as ‘recruit soldiers, buy horses.” You can take this chéngyǔ at face value, since the meaning is essentially “to raise a large army” or “to raise a Read more about 招兵买马 – Recruit soldiers, buy horses[…]

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FREE Mobile Chinese Tutoring (aka TutorMandarin Beta Sign Up)

How would you like a free one hour Chinese lesson with a professional Mandarin tutor (500+ hrs) taught through a revolutionary new mobile classroom? How about getting a first look at the newest Chinese learning app? An app that features full curriculums, individual topic-based lessons, daily Chinese articles and videos, flashcards, tracked learning progress, and more? Well, the early Read more about FREE Mobile Chinese Tutoring (aka TutorMandarin Beta Sign Up)[…]

Lingochat Rebrands to TutorMandarin

Hello! Long time, no see. Things have been… busy. Since the initial launch of Lingochat – 24/7, instant video Chinese tutoring – we’ve been listening to user feedback. Feedback through statistics, calls, surveys, interviews, and more. Over the past months, we’ve been turning this feedback into new features. Fully viewable in-app curriculums and topic-based lessons A mobile Read more about Lingochat Rebrands to TutorMandarin[…]