Lucky Numbers in Chinese

In Western countries, due to the religious reason, 7 is a ubiquitous lucky number which many believe that it is associated with creationism. But some numbers have been thought to be lucky, while others are considered unlucky. So, does 7 be thought as lucky in Chinese culture, too?   Unfortunately, not!   To learn a Read more about Lucky Numbers in Chinese[…]

Christmas facts about China

With a table, full of mouth-watering delicacies, and shopaholic annual procurement, Westerns celebrate Christmas very hard! But on the other side, what does a non-Christian country like China spend this western holiday? Today at TutorMandarin, we will unmask the secret of Christmas in China and teach you some Christmas greetings in Chinese. Even though, there Read more about Christmas facts about China[…]

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Know your AQI. Traveling past pollution in China.

If you are thinking about traveling or living in mainland China, then you’re probably concerned about pollution. While you’ve undoubtedly heard many horror stories about different types of pollution (water, food, sound), today we will focus primarily on the air quality in China and smog in particular. To give some context first, you have to Read more about Know your AQI. Traveling past pollution in China.[…]