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Review 2016 Together with TutorMandarin

2016 Together with TutorMandarin

As the saying goes “Time flies like an arrow, and time lost never returns”, it’s now the end of the year again. Most people start a new year with a lot of good resolutions, which they never implement.


At TutorMandarin we also have set a few new years resolutions – but we don’t want to wait until tomorrow night, to implement out first one: Readable Chinese our new blog category! We will post regularly new articles in Chinese characters – Pinyin – English to give you a good overview of the latest news in Chinese speaking countries.


Is one of your new year resolutions learning a new and interesting Chinese language? What about Chinese language learning? TutorMandarin offers 1-on-1 courses for everyone to learn Mandarin. Not sure, if Chinese is the language you’re looking for? Sign up for a free trial – you will not only get a free lesson with one of our professional tutors. Furthermore, you will receive 3 e-books with learning material, including our Pinyin course! So, don’t waste your time anymore. Sign up to implement your resolutions now!


But how have you been this year? In 2016 we have been through much happiness, and also sorrows. Despite the dread and grief that hurt our hearts, let’s cheer for the good moments we’ve shared and wave goodbye to the past. At TutorMandarin, we wish you an exciting and joyful new year.


Today let’s read through a few Chinese news and recall what happened in 2016 together.

Pokemon go fever  

Excerpted from:


任天堂7月推出手机游戏《Pokémon Go》,全球人人化身宠物小精灵训练员,穿梭大街小巷捕捉精灵,不但令「低头族」迅即蔓延,宅男宅女都纷纷外出,各大热点均满布人潮。任天堂在本月再推出首款自行研发手机游戏《Super Mario Run》,惜反应不似预期。


Rèn tiān táng 7yuè tuī chū shǒu jī yóu xì 《Poki mon Go》,quán qiú rén rén huà shēn chǒng wù xiǎo jīng líng xùn liàn yuán,chuān suō dà jiē xiǎo xiàng bǔ zhuō jīng líng,bù dàn lìng 「dī tóu zú 」xùn jí màn yán,zhái nán zhái nǚ dōu fēn fēn wài chū,gè dà rè diǎn jun1 mǎn bù rén cháo.Rèn tiān táng zài běn yuè zài tuī chū shǒu kuǎn zì háng yán fā shǒu jī yóu xì《Super Mario Run》,xī fǎn yīng bù sì yù qī.


Nintendo. Co. Ltd. launched the mobile game《Pokémon Go》in July 2016. People from all around the world have become the trainers of pocket monsters, and have been bustling in and out of streets and lanes in order to catch the pocket pets. The game not only made the phenomenon of “phubbers” rapidly spread, that all the “homebodies” get outdoors but also caused every hot spot packed with people. This month, Nintendo. Co. Ltd. launched their first self-developed mobile game《Super Mario Run》in succession to 《Pokémon Go》, but it’s a pity that the new game didn’t make a buzz as expected.


Chinese Characters Pinyin English
手机游戏 shǒu jī yóu xì mobile game
宠物 chǒng wù pet
低头族 dī tóu zú phubbers(people who are addicted to smartphone)
宅男/宅女 zhái nán zhái nǚ male homebodies/female hombodies


Thailand’s King passed away


泰王去世 举国哀悼

2016年10月13日,泰王蒲美蓬。阿杜德(Phumiphon Adunyadet)去世,享寿88岁,在位70年126天,是全球史上在任时间第二长的国家元首,也是泰国统治时间最长的国君。


tài wáng qù shì  jǔ guó āi dào

2016 nián 10 yuè 13 rì,tài wáng pú měi péng.ā dù dé (Phumiphon Adunyadet) qù shì,xiǎng shòu 88 suì,zài wèi 70nián 126 tiān,shì quán qiú shǐ shàng zài rèn shí jiān dì èr zhǎng de guó jiā yuán shǒu,yě shì tài guó tǒng zhì shí jiān zuì zhǎng de guó jun.


Thailand’s King died, the whole nation grieved

2016/10/13, Bhumibol Adulyadej, the king of Thai who lived to be 88 years old passed away. Having had a tenure of 70 years and 126 days, the king of Thai is the second longest reigning head of a state in the world and the longest reigning king in Thailand.


Chinese Characters Pinyin English
哀悼 āi dào grieve [mourn] over /lament sb.’s death
去世 qù shì pass away/die
元首 yuán shǒu head of a state; chief executive


The Olympics in Brazil

Excerpted from:


首次南美举办 巴西奥运美国夺冠




Shǒu cì nán měi jǔ bàn  bā xī ào yùn měi guó duó guàn

Zhè shì ào yùn lì shǐ shàng shǒu cì zài nán měi zhōu jǔ háng de shèng huì 。

zài liǎng zhōu duō de bǐ sài zhōng,měi guó dài biǎo tuán huò dé 46jīn, 37yín, 38tóng,gòng 121méi jiǎng pái,xióng jū bǎng shǒu.


The first Olympics held in South America! America ranks the first in Brazil Olympics

This is the first Olympics event held in South America. The American delegation was ranked the first in this two-week long sports event by winning 121 medals in total, including 46 gold medals, 37 silver medals, and 38 bronze medals.


Chinese Characters Pinyin English
奥运 ào yùn Olympics
比赛 bǐ sài competition
奖牌 jiǎng pái medals


We know, that there have been a lot more important news this year (Brexit, Terror Attacks, the election in America, etc.), but we can’t include all of them in only one post. Therefore, we decided to create the new category “readable Chinese”. We will keep you up to date about news around the world in Chinese. Simply subscribe to get informed about our next post!


Last but not the least, We wish you all a happy new year! May all your wishes come true! Cheers!

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