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Teach Mandarin Online with TutorMandarin!

  Application link: https://www.tutormandarin.net/en/become-a-tutor/ Greetings English-speaking, Chinese tutors! We’re glad you found us. TutorMandarin is a leading online Chinese tutoring software and service that prides itself on using professional tutors who help students learn to really speak Chinese! Are you ready to teach Mandarin online with TutorMandarin? Qualifications Professional tutor Degree in Chinese as a[…]

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How to count to 10 in Chinese?

How to count to 10 in Chinese? Let’s learn how to count to 10 in Chinese today! And what better place to start then numbers 1 through 10? Today we’ll teach out how to pronounce each Chinese number, do the correct hand gesture, and even write out the character itself! First, watch the video below[…]

learn chinese tones in 3 minutes

Learn Chinese Tones in 3 Minutes w/ “The Dentist Story”

Learn Chinese Tones in 3 Minutes w/ “The Dentist Story” Chinese is a tonal language. But if you have never learned tones before… how do you learn Chinese tones? Is there anything from English you can reference to make learning Chinese tones easier? Well, today we’ve got good news. English actually DOES use tones! In[…]