Typhoon Season: Preparations That Must be Done.

tips to prep for typhoon 1-on-1 online Chinese lessons

tips to prep for typhoon 1-on-1 online Chinese lessons

When is typhoon season?

Typhoon”, also known as “Hurricane” in North and South America, refers to“Cyclone” in India. It is one of the most famous natural disasters in Asia! Usually, the typhoon season starts from mid-June to August or even early September. It is estimated that there are around 26 typhoons or more per summer, while some might make landfall and some might not. 

The word “Typhoon” is originated from Greek Typhon stands for “whirlwind,” personified as a giant, father of the winds. As well as the word Typhon, meaning “violent storm, whirlwind, tornado”.  The meaning “cyclone, violent hurricane of India or the China Seas” is first recorded in 1588.

Today, we will provide a short guide about “5 Tips to Prep for a Typhoon” for travelers or foreigners who’re currently living in Asia. Check here for more blogs about Chinese culture (How to pray in Chinese temple, Country names in Chinese, Leftover women… ) and Chinese language learning (How to describe people, Asking for directions)! Don’t forget to sign up for our free trial to get free learn Mandarin materials (pdf file).  


  • Charge your Power Bank ASAP

If you suffered from low battery anxiety or severe internet addiction, this is should be on top of your bucket list. Normally, the first bullet point would be: prepare some water, candles or flashlights. However, in this internet addicted world, we all know that the percentage of the battery on your phone is more important than many other things. Remember to charge your power bank every day. Just in case when the electricity went off, you could still hold on to it for a while until the electricity comes back.


  • Storage Food/ Water/ Flashlight

On typhoon days, it might not be a smart idea to go out for food. Remember to storage some instant noodles, canned food, water, flashlights and also batteries. Normally, the typhoon won’t last for too long. Prepare for the worst is always good! If something went wrong, you’ll still be able to live on for at least a week or so.


  • First Aid Kid/ Escape Package

Preparing for a first aid kid or an escape package is just to make sure you’re well prepared for the worst. Nobody could be sure how severe each typhoon is or how it would affect the city or the building you’re staying in. Most people would stick thick tapes on the window just in case the strong wind broke the window. Even sand bags are a must in places where it’ll easily flood. Stay ready so you won’t have to get ready.


  • Board Games/ Mahjong/ Poker cards

Typhoon days are also a great opportunity to stay with the family or friends. Since it’s super windy and rainy outdoor, why not treasure the time with your those people around you. Take out your board games, poker cards, or even you could try to learn how to play Mahjong if you never get the chance to learn it.  


  • Better stay indoor

For many travelers who’ve never experienced earthquake or typhoons, it must be an interesting experience for all of you. Of course, you would love to run around in the stormy rain. Or even, feel the typhoon by going to the seaside. However, just a gentle reminder that it might not be a great idea. If you’re walking outside in the heavy wind and rain, trees and signboards might fall down anytime. You wouldn’t want to risk your life running around in the storm.

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Typhoon Vocabs

Typhoon 台风 Táifēng
Hurricane 飓风 jùfēng
Mild/ Moderate/ SevereTyphoon 轻度/中度/强度台风 qīng/zhōng/qiáng tái
Typhoon day-off 台风假 táifēng jiǎ
The eye of the typhoon 台风眼 táifēng yǎn
Make landfall 登陆 dēnglù
Torrential rain 豪大雨 háo dàyǔ
Flood 淹水 yān shuǐ
Landslide 土石流 tǔshíliú
Tsunami 海啸 hǎixiào
Sea warning 海上警报 hǎishàng jǐngbào
Land warning 陆上警报 lù shàng jǐngbào
Blackout/ Outage 停电 tíngdiàn
Water outage/ shortage 停水 tíng shuǐ
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