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Ask About the Weather

Ask About the Weather at Tutormandarin 1-on-1 online chinese lessons

Ask About the Weather at Tutormandarin 1-on-1 online Chinese lessons

Planning to visit around the city during your travel in China? Perhaps going on a hike would be a perfect choice! To be sure, asking about the weather before going would definitely be a wise move. Today, we are going to learn how to talk about the climate and some short conversations about the weather as a Chinese language learning!

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How to Ask About the Weather?

今天天气怎么样? Jīntiān tiānqì zěnme yàng? What’s the weather like today?/ How’s the weather today?
还不错,今天是个大晴天 Hái bùcuò, jīntiān shìgè dà qíngtiān Not bad, it’s a sunny day.
不太好,今天一直下雨 Bù tài hǎo, jīntiān yīzhí xià yǔ Not good, it keeps raining.
你昨天有看天气预报吗? Nǐ zuótiān yǒu kàn tiānqì yùbào ma? Did you see the weather forecast yesterday?
有,天气预报说今天会下雨 Yǒu, tiānqì yùbào shuō jīntiān huì xià yǔ Yes, I did. It said that I’ll rain today.
今天会很热吗? Jīntiān huì hěn rè ma? Is it hot outside today?
气象说今天33度,外面一定很闷很热 Qìxiàng shuō jīntiān 33 dù, wàimiàn yīdìng hěn mèn hěn rè The weather forecast said it’s 33℃, it must be super hot and humid outside.
还好,我刚出去觉得没有很热 Hái hǎo, wǒ gāng chūqù juéde méiyǒu hěn rè Na, I don’t think it’s hot when I went out this morning.
今天是阴天 Jīntiān shì yīn tiān It’s cloudy today.
外面风很大 wàimiàn fēng hěn dà It’s windy outside.
今天很冷 jīntiān hěn lěng It’s really cold today.
下礼拜有台风 xià lǐbài yǒu táifēng There’s a typhoon coming next week.

Four Seasons

春天 chūntiān Spring
夏天 xiàtiān Summer
秋天 qiūtiān Autumn/ Fall
冬天 dōngtiān Winter

Climate/ Weather in Chinese

lěng Cold
温暖 wēnnuǎn Warm
潮湿 cháoshī Humid
晴天 qíngtiān Sunny
雨天 yǔtiān Rainy
阴天 yīn tiān Cloudy
下雪 xià xuě Snowy
下雨 duōyún Rainy
多风 duō fēng Windy
闪电 dǎléi Lightning
打雷 xià yǔ Thunder

Weather is for sure, one of the most commonly used words that you might stumble upon in day-to-day life.

Now you know how to complain about the hot weather or how to describe today’s  weather to your friends and family.

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