Do You Know How to Say “I am sick” in Chinese?

Ask about health 1-on-1 online chinese lessonsAsk about health 1-on-1 online chinese lessons


Do you know how to say I am sick in Chinese?

Or you want to wish someone to get well soon in Chinese. Don’t worry, today we’ll teach you guys how to express yourself when you don’t feel well or when your friends aren’t in their best shape. Also, there are some phrases that you might need to be careful when saying it. Heading to China soon and need some tips about some Chinese phrases?

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Sickness Asking Conversations

Are you ok?
Nǐ hái hǎo ma?
You don’t look so well.
Nǐ kàn qǐlái bu tài hǎo
Did you catch a cold?
Nǐ shì bùshì gǎnmàole?
I don’t feel well.
Wǒ yǒudiǎn bú shūfú


Sickness Symptoms and Illness in Chinese Vocabs

Headache/ Dizzy 头痛/ 头晕 tóutòng/ tóuyūn
Stomachache 肚子痛 dùzi tòng
Toothache 牙齿痛 yáchǐ tòng
Sore throat 喉咙痛 hóulóng tòng
Coughing 咳嗽 késòu
Vomiting/ nauseating 吐/ 感到恶心 tǔ/ gǎndào ěxīn
Running nose 流鼻涕/流鼻水 liú bítì/liú bíshuǐ
Fever 发烧 fāshāo
Sprain 扭伤 niǔshāng
___ hurts __ 痛 __ tòng
Allergy 过敏 guòmǐn
Catch a cold/ flu 感冒/ 流感 gǎnmào/ liúgǎn
Diarrihea 拉肚子 lādùzi
Period 月经 yuèjīng
Cramp 经痛 jīngtòng
Sty 针眼 zhēnyǎn
Cancer 癌症 áizhèng


Get well soon Phrases

Hope you’ll get well soon
Zhù nǐ ǎorì kāngfù
Remember to rest more and drink more water.
Jìdé yào duō xiūxí ránhòu duō hē shuǐ


Heads Up!

Here are some phrases that might need to be careful when using it.

What the hell is wrong with you? → Are you sick?
你有病吗? 你生病了吗?/ 你病了吗?
Nǐ yǒu bìng ma? → Nǐ shēngbìngle ma?/ Nǐ bìngle ma?


Culture Differences

For people in Asia, it’s common to wear surgical masks when you’re sick. As a matter of fact, some might wear it when they’re biking or riding a motorbike. Others wear it as a fashion style or just to cover their pimples. However, in western culture, only people with severe sickness will wear a surgical mask…

surgical masks in Asia 1-on-1 online Chinese lessons

surgical masks in Asia

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