Beginner 2 Course


For Chinese learners who can conduct basic conversations and ask simple questions


This course teaches the basics of Chinese grammar such as past, present, and future tense. Based on interactive discussions and activities, you will become more comfortable using key grammar and phrases in your regular Mandarin conversations. Lessons are centered around practical topics, such as asking for the directions and time, changing money, booking tickets, describing your social life and introducing family members and friends.

Learn Chinese Language-Beginner 2

What you will learn

• 250 words (500 total together w/ B1)
• Daily social phrases
• Simple daily conversations (Discussing hobbies, talking about the future and the past)
• How to offer and decline an invitation (How to invite, rejecting people politely, feeling pitiful for others)
• Explaining situations (talk to the taxi driver, talking to a doctor)
• Giving a personal introduction
• Comparing two things and answer simple questions

Course lesson titles


Lesson Chinese English
1 这个演唱会很特别 This concert is speical
2 一起去酒吧,怎么样 Let's go to bar, whaddya say?
3 我昨天没去哪儿 I didn't go anywhere yesterday
4 你不可以一边玩手机一边开车 You can't use a cellphone while driving
5   Review 1
6 哪儿都很热闹 It's lively everywhere
7 还是少吃甜食吧! You should eat less dessert
8 给爸妈写封信(内容关于在中国留学的事) Writing a letter to your parents
9 这儿比那儿冷多了 Here is much colder than there
10 欢迎你搬来! Welcome to our neighborhood
11   Review 2
12 你想把画挂在哪儿? Where do you want to hang this picture up?
13 你搬得上去吗? Can you move it?
14 记在手机里 Taking notes on your cellphone
15 火锅 Hotpot
16 请把护照拿出来 Can I have your passport?
17   Review 3
18 我很久没看到他了 I haven't seen him for a long time.
19 这儿有空房间吗? Is there any room available?
20 京剧,我听不懂 Peking opera....I can't understand what they're saying
21 你的脸色看起来不太好 You don't look so good
22 我买不起这台电脑 I can't afford this computer
23   Review 4
24 我坐错车了 I took the wrong bus
25 电视被弄坏了 This TV is broken
26 手机让我给弄丢了 I lost my cell phone
27 小偷是谁 Who is the thief?
28 你为什么现在才来 Why did you show up so late?
29   Review 5
30 我找不到我的钱包 I can't find my wallet
31 他学汉语,才学了三个月 I have only learned Chinese for 3 months
32 你对这件事情了解吗? Do you understand this issue?
33 我在门口等着你 I am waiting for you at doorway
34 你别躺着读书 Don't read books while lying down
35   Review 6
36 那位高高的先生是我丈夫 The tall guy is my husband
37 一个故事 A story
38 她有事,去不了 She has plans and can't make it
39 我们好好儿地庆祝一下儿 We should celebrate!
40   Review 7
41 收到礼物 Gift received
42 我常常累得起不来 I'm often so tired I can't get up
43 欢送会 Farewell party
44 你最好别再晚睡了 Best to not go to bed too late
45   Overview