How to say Brexit in Chinese – Vocab, Phrases, and More!

How to say Brexit in Chinese

Britain leaving the European Union – 英國脫歐

Britain leaving the European Union makes the EU changing drastically these days. The British government held a referendum on the issue in 2016, a majority voted to leave the EU. The terms of withdrawal have not yet been negotiated, and the UK remains a full member of the European Union. But how did it get this far and what does this mean for the economy? This clip gives you a short overview about the situation using a funny cartoon.

After watching and understanding this spot, you may also understand some economy related news easier in the future.

Brexit in Chinese Vocabulary

Simplified Pinyin English
独立公民投票 Dúlì gōngmín tóupiào independence referendum
独立 dúlì independence
全民投票 quánmín tóupiào referendum
英国 yīngguó British – UK – United Kingdom
会员 huìyuán member
欧盟 ōuméng EU – European Union
保持 bǎochí to remain
离开 líkāi to leave
移民 yímín immigrant
金融市场 jīnróng shìchǎng financial market
英镑 yīngbàng pound (British local currency)
外国人 wàiguó rén foreigner
投资者 tóuzī zhě investor
苏格兰 sūgélán Scotland
自由 zìyóu freedom

We hope you enjoy the video! What’s your opinion on this big issue?

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