10 Ways to Learn Basic Chinese

In the age of International, the English language has been overthrown by the Chinese language lately. Not fully but partially. Chinese has become the second international language as people start using Chinese and Chinese industries keep growing in different parts of the world. Knowing Chinese will definitely give you the upper hand even if it[…]

Top 10 Reasons Why Online Chinese Teachers Are Better Than Chinese Teachers Nearby

When we think of learning a language, we have to look into the method of learning for sure. Let’s talk about learning Chinese as Chinese is becoming the second international language. How are we going to learn Chinese? There are only two ways of learning: Online Chinese teachers or Chinese teachers nearby except self-study which[…]

Top 10 Best Online Mandarin Teachers for Chinese Learners

Whilst English has only 26 alphabets, Chinese characters are more than 8000 in total. Learners are necessary to practice writing characters every day to get the best result in language progress for more than 6 years before they can really master them. Precisely, whether your Mandarin tutor is native or not, it doesn’t matter as[…]

tutormandarin ios launch

TutorMadarin iOS App Officially Released

TutorMandarin iOS APP Officially Released TAIPEI, TAIWAN, September 11, 2018 – TutorMandarin has officially launched its iOS App today on the App Store, ushering in the broader influence on online Chinese education after the release on Android in 2017. The app offers 1-on-1 online classes from professional Chinese tutors through its revolutionary new virtual classroom[…]

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TutorMandarin Virtual Classroom FAQ

TutorMandarin Virtual Classroom FAQ Can’t see the tutor’s video Tutor side: Check if the camera works properly Check for an issues with thislink: http://api.duobeiyun.com/ittest/content.html?result=CALLBACK_URL&lang=en&uid=123456&KEY=VALUE Check if there is any other program using the camera Check if the camera works successfully in other software (skype, qq, etc) Student side: Check if the network connection with the[…]

How to find the best online Mandarin tutors?

How to find the best online Mandarin tutors? Professional Chinese teachers with degrees and teaching experience If you’re looking for the perfect Chinese teacher for yourself or your child, then there are a lot of things to consider! How do you know if they’re good? How do you know what they will teach? What if[…]

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TutorMandarin Free Chinese Class Signup Process

TutorMandarin Free Chinese Class Signup Process TutorMandarin offers a free 1-on-1 trial class to all student who signup. If you’re considering taking the trial class, let us show you just how easy it is to sign up and have a great experience! 1. Sign Up For Free Chinese Class Get started with basic email and[…]

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Teach Mandarin Online with TutorMandarin!

  Application link: https://www.tutormandarin.net/en/become-a-tutor/ Greetings English-speaking, Chinese tutors! We’re glad you found us. TutorMandarin is a leading online Chinese tutoring software and service that prides itself on using professional tutors who help students learn to really speak Chinese! Are you ready to teach Mandarin online with TutorMandarin? Qualifications Professional tutor Degree in Chinese as a[…]

learn mandarin in 5 mins

How to Speak Chinese in 5 Minutes | The Beginners Guide to Chinese

Speak Chinese in 5 Minutes Ok, so we’re writing this blog post “how to speak Chinese in 5 Minutes” only because so many people have searched it. Disclaimer: you can not learn any language in 5 minutes and if you tell someone that you learned Chinese in 5 minutes… they will either laugh at you[…]

fun ways to teach kids chinese

5 Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Chinese

  5 Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Chinese Chinese has been referred to as the language of opportunity and it definitely holds true in 2018. Teaching your children Chinese is an amazing way to prepare them for the world of tomorrow while gaining all the benefits of knowing a second language. But if you’re already[…]

e-learning in 2018

How will Edtech meet the needs of e-learning in 2018

How will Edtech meet the needs of e-learning in 2018 E-learning in 2018 is about taking the incredible advances in technology and having them augment the personal human aspects of education that can’t be replaced. In language learning, we see “gamification” of apps becoming extremely popular with apps like Duolingo, ChineseSkill, and HelloChinese. This helps[…]

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Tutormandarin partners with new startup app “HaoLa Chinese”

Tutormandarin partners Tutormandarin and HaoLa Chinese have completed a new partnership linking their apps together — bringing together an automated Chinese learning app and a live Chinese tutoring app. Hao La users will now find a convenient link that offers them one free Tutormandarin class with a professional Chinese tutor. Users are directed to either[…]