Chinese Chengyu – 如鱼得水

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Chinese Chengyu – 如魚得水

The chengyu 如鱼得水 (rú yú dé shuǐ) breaks down to like (如rú) fish (鱼yú in (得 dé) water (水shuǐ). This corresponds almost perfectly with the classic English idiom, “like a fish takes to water” but with an emphasis on finding a good environment or natural home.

During the Three Kingdoms period, a man named Liu Bei went to seek assistance from another man named Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei was refused on first trip, but was so determined, he ended making three long trips to see Zhuge Liang. Finally, after the three long trips, Zhuge Liang agreed to help Liu Bei deal with his pressing military and political problems. Since the beginning, Liu Bei deeply trusted Zhuge Liang, but over time, that trust became mutual between the two. One day, Liu Bei said to his ministers: “Having received Zhuge’s help, I feel just like a fish that has been put back in the water.”

To this day, the idiom refers to being at ease in a situation. It also it is fondly use when talking about finding a trusted companion.

Have you ever been in a situation with LIke a Fish in Water?

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Fish in Water Vocabulary

v. Such as
n. Fish
v. Get
shuǐ n. water
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