Foodies in China Will Know How to Eat

Foodies in China Know How to Eat

Foodies in China seek new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.

Typical foodie interests and activities include the wineries and wine tasting, breweries and beer sampling, food science, following restaurant openings and closings, food distribution, food fads, health and nutrition, cooking classes, culinary tourism, and restaurant management.

Calling all Chinese language learning students that are also foodies, listen up!

Come learn some new ways to talk about food with the passion it deserves.

To ome commiserate about the Chinese food problems we all have (Shandong pancakes being sold out, eating your nut bracelet).

Comeing enjoy this great video from TM Shanghai.


螃蟹 pángxiè crab
红烧 hóngshāo braised
发胖 fāpàng fat
弱爆 ruò bào weak burst
小龙虾 xiǎo lóngxiā crayfish
胃口 wèikǒu appetite
清蒸 qīngzhēng steamed
吃货 chīhuò eater
火锅 huǒguō hotpot

Here are other videos related to Chinese culture for you.

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