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Made out of simple single strokes but looking complicated, Chinese writing are considered as “aesthetics” or “dope” by many foreigners! To most want to express their beliefs or hopes in a foreign language, that few western people can read. It feels personal, even though everyone can see it, but most people can’t read it. Having a Chinese tattoo has been a trend for a while, but what you embroidered on your body might imply a far different meaning from what you’ve thought!

There are too many ways of getting a wrong Chinese tattoo: Chinese characters that are back-to-front, are misspell, in the wrong order, or have a different meaning. It is easier to get a bad Chinese tattoo than getting a good one, especially in western countries.

In case that you become a burlesque in the eyes of Chinese people, we are here to save you!

One of the best ways to make sure, that you picked the right Chinese characters for your tattoo, is to learn Chinese! Due to their experience, our tutors at TutorMandarin know that Chinese language learning is frustrated as many characters look so similar that it is very hard to tell the difference from! Therefore we have created customized class to meet your needs! Help yourself out with the Free Trial to learn Mandarin online and Download our App at the Google PlayStore !


So, what are some tragic example?… If you are interested in knowing more, you can check out: HanziMaster, a very interesting blog that elaborates the meaning of character for you!

We would love to give you some advice on what you can get for tattoo now! These are very common but with meaningful definition!


Chinese Character

Simplified Chinese Character Traditional Chinese Character Translation/ Meaning


xìn yǎng

Faith, belief, conviction, to believe in

For those who want to insist on trusting the strength in their heart.



yǒng qì

Courage, being brave

For people who need to be cheered up and want to move forward. Don’t ever lose your confidence, make a valorous step out of your comfort zone.


wú xiàn

Unlimited, unbounded, infinitive!

This character reminds people that they should not forget that everyone has boundless prospects and potential.



To love, to be fond of, to like, affection, to be inclined (to do sth.)!

Nothing in the world is bigger than love! Love wins! This character reminds people, that even though love makes you cry sometime, it will also heal your wounds!


zì yóu

Freedom, free, liberty!

For all who feel suffocated and prisoned. It’s time to take off your burden and free yourself!


yǒng yuǎn


Some couples choose these Chinese characters as a symbol of their everlasting love.


jiān qiáng


People who have mastered a tragic time in their lives like to get this characters, to show the world that they are now stronger than they have already been before.


lì liàng

Strength/ Power

This symbol is quite similar in the meaning to the one before, but at the same time different. It is more like the capability of doing or accomplishing something.


xiàng xìn

To trust/ believe in

Those who have a strong believe in themselves or their religion like to show it with this tattoo.


shēng mìng


The word life represents different aspects and feelings. Therefore, a lot of people like to get this tattoo, too.

    xìng yùn


Luck is believing you’re lucky. Everyone longs for it throughout the life. But don’t forget it only happens when preparation meets opportunity.


Could you find your tattoo? Or do you always thought to have a tattoo of “love” and found out it’s not the same Chinese character? We don’t hope so! Otherwise, you might check out, if it is a Japanese character. Some Chinese and Japanese characters look quite similar but have a different meaning and a lot foreigners who do tattoos don’t speak Chinese or Japanese and are not able to differentiate, even though the languages are different!!

If you think about getting a Chinese tattoo you should consider many aspects. If you want to make sure to get a good Chinese tattoo, you should think about finding a Chinese person who is doing tattoos.

Should you have any concerns about what to get or what your tattoo means, leave your comment! We hope you will get a nice mark on your body and hope it won’t go wrong!

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