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Hardest Chinese tongue twister

Hardest Chinese tongue twister you need to know

We all love a good tongue twister. Because of tones, Chinese tongue twister can be combinations of the same phonetic sounds over and over but with changing tones to make a phrase. If you want to impress your Chinese friends, learn some hardest Chinese tongue twisters from these videos and wow them with your skills. Moreover, you can improve your pronunciation skills while practicing these tongue twisters. Check out this Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge from Learn Chinese language with Emma.


繞口令 绕口令 ràokǒulìng Tongue Twisters
chī eat
吃葡萄不吃葡萄皮 吃葡萄不吃葡萄皮 chī pútáo bù chī pútáo pí eat grapes don’t eat grape skin
四十四 四十四 sìshí sì forty-four
十是十 十是十 shí shì shí ten is ten
十四是十四 十四是十四 shí sì shì shí sì fourteen is fourteen
四十是四十 四十是四十 sì shí shì sì shí forty is forty
媽媽騎馬 妈妈骑马 māmā qímǎ mom rides
馬曼 马曼 mǎ màn horse slow
媽媽駡馬 馬 妈妈骂马 马 māmā mà mǎ mǎ mom scolds the horse
葡萄皮 葡萄皮 pútáo pí grapeskin

Nevertheless, we prepare more interesting Chinese tongue twisters in case you are already a master!


zhīdào jiù shuō zhīdào
bù zhīdào jiù shuō bù zhīdào
bū yào zhīdào shuō bù zhīdào
yě bū yào bù zhīdào shuō zhīdào
nǐ zhīdào bù zhīdào?

If you know, just say you know. If you don’t know, just say you don’t know. You shouldn’t know and say you don’t know. And you shouldn’t know and say you know. Do you know or not?



niáo dǎo shì dǎo,
niáo dǎo yóu niǎo.
niáo dǎo de niǎo duō de shǔ bù qīng le.
yào xiǎng dào niáo dǎo,
yī dìng yào ài niǎo.
nǐ bú ài xiáo niǎo
jiù bié dào niáo dǎo.

Bird Island is an island;
Bird Island has birds.
The birds on Bird Island are countless.
If you wish to go to Bird Island,
you must love birds.
If you don’t love small birds,
don’t go to Bird Island

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