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Chinese Country Names | TutorMandarin Online Chinese Learning

Country Names in Chinese | TutorMandarin Online Chinese Learning

The very first thing you learn when you have your first lesson in any foreign languages is how to introduce yourself. Your name, your country, and your hobbies.

Check out how to introduce your name in Chinese here!

How to ask about hobbies in Chinese here!

Want to know how to say your country name in Chinese?  Here we go!

Saying Your Country Name

A:   你是哪国人?

      Nǐ shì nǎ guó rén ?

      Where are you from?

B:   我是美国人,你呢 ?

      Wǒ shì měi guó rén , nǐ ne ?

      I’m from the US, and you?

A:   你从哪里来的?

      Nǐ cóng nǎ lǐ lái  de?

      Where did you come from?

B:   我从自美国,你呢 ?

      Wǒ lái zì měi guó, nǐ ne ?

       I’m from the US, and you?

List of Country Names in Chinese

Great Britain  英国 yīng guó
Canada  加拿大 jiānádà
Russia 俄罗斯 é luó sī
France 法国 fàguó
Germany 德国 déguó
Sweden 瑞典 ruì diǎn
America 美国 měiguó
China 中国 zhōngguó
Mexico 墨西哥 mòxīgē
Japan 日本 rìběn
Italy 意大利 yìdàlì
Chile 智利 zhìlì
Korea 韩国 hánguó
Spain 西班牙 xībānyá
Brazil 巴西 bāxī
India 印度 yìndù
Turkey 土耳其 tǔ ěr qí

Still can’t find your country? Or you’re interested in other countries name in Chinese that are not on the list?

Check here for more countries in Chinese with pinyin.

So as you may wonder how the country name in Chinese come from, or what does it literally means?


Meaning of County Names in Chinese

Normally, the country name in Chinese has translated from English or Latin language to Chinese through phonetic similarities. However, some country names do have a meaning, while others might not.

Japan is translated into “日本( rì běn)”, which literally means “the origin of the Sun”. It suits the Japanese flag and does make sense of the Chinese translation. On the contrary, Turkey might not fit the mold. Turkey “土耳其 (tǔ ěr qí )” mean “earth ear its”, it doesn’t have any meaning or neither make any sense.

TutorMandarin Literal Translations of Chinese Countries Names

TutorMandarin Literal Translations of Chinese Countries Names

We hope you’ll find this useful on your path of Chinese language learning.

Try out our “Chinese Country Names” challenge to see if you’ve got the hang of it!

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