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Student Resume

The student resume is used for the student to track their learning progress. Student resume is just what it sounds like. It keeps record of the learning progress you care about like:

  • Your learning goals
  • Your language level
  • Learning evaluations on pronunciation, speaking and listening
  • Course progress
  • Lessons and Topic classes completed

Completion Progress

Everyone likes the satisfaction of completing something in full. In your resume you can see the number of lessons you have completed in the course versus the number of lessons that remain.

For example: Course B1 has 21 lessons. If you complete 4 of these lessons then your resume will show Course B1 4/21 Complete.

Course Progress

If you are using a package plan, our system will automatically track what lesson you have just completed so you can reference in your resume.

How is my progress tracked?

Language Level

Your language level is determined after the first trial class. The language levels correspond to our courses Beginner (B1 & B2), Intermediate (I1 & I2) and Advanced (A1 & A2). If you are a level I1 learner then it is recommended to start with the I1 course. The Language Level is updated after the completion of the Overview at the end of each Course.

For Example: If you are I1 and you complete the I1 Overview, then you would be updated to a Level I2.

How often is the student resume updated?

The student resume is updated every time:

  • A student takes a lesson in a course.
  • When credits, courses, or package are added.
Learning Evaluations

The learning evaluations are based on three metrics:

  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking
  • Listening

These metrics are updated after every Supplement. The Supplements come after every 4 to 6 lessons and serve as reviews for that section of lessons. This way you get a regular review of your learning metrics.


How do I view my notes?

You can view your notes by going to the Dashboard and select the “My Resume” section and then select the “Notes” tab in “My Resume”

How do my notes affect my learning and level?

Your notes are for you to review and use to help improve your Chinese language abilities.

The tutors will also review your notes before each tutor session to ensure you are receiving personalized teaching that focuses on improving your weakness and highlighting your strengths.

What are my notes?

Your notes are a short overview that the tutor will write up after every lesson or class. It contains information about what you learned in the session and an assessment of what you learned and what you need to work on.

What if I don’t understand my notes?

You can contact your consultant and they can give you further clarification.

What type of information? Is it the same every time?

All tutors follow the same note format every class.

  • Session summary
  • Any extra or necessary vocab to review
  • Any extra or necessary grammar to review
  • Notes on pronunciation

How do I get to my User Info?

Your username, email, and photo can be see on the Dashboard. You can access your dashboard by selecting the ‘dashboard’ icon in the corner of your app.

Once in the dashboard, you can edit your user info by going to settings. To get to settings, select the cog icon in the corner of the dashboard.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. Your information is secure with the most up to date  internet security protocols and our company will only every user your information internally.

Anyone who has no reason to access your information will not be able to. Each member of our call center and education team have strict permissions in place to ensure your information is only visible to those who need it.

We also will never provide your information to any third party that is not an established affiliate.

User Info

And here is your user info! You can edit any of the information here.

Photo – This is the name and photo chosen by you. Tap the photo icon to change/edit the photo.

Name – This is the name linked to the account. We require your full name here so that our teachers and consultants know what to call you.

Email – You can change your email whenever but it will require a verification in your email if you want to change. We recommend you sticking with whatever email you chose at the beginning of signing up.

Gender – You can select your gender choice or you can leave it blank.

Phone – We ask for your phone number so that your consultant will be able to more easily get in contact with you. We promise to only use your phone number if absolutely necessary and to keep it private and internal to our company.

Location – It is important to set your location so that our system can adjust to the correct Timezone. Our tutors are mostly located in China but some are in other parts of the world as well to increase our hour availability. In order to match the correct timezone with their time, we require your location. This can be automatically updated if location services are on or you can manually input it.

Reset password –  This is a security precaution in case you need to change your password for any reason personal or otherwise.

Chinese Level – This will automatically be updated by our system if you choose to use our learning curriculum. But if you want to do self learning, you can choose to manage it manually.

Interested In – We use this to help our tutors create activities and material that focus on your interests and to understand our users better so that our company can develop curriculum and content that is catered to your interests.

Learning Purpose – This can be similar to your interests or it can be something completely different. In the same way as we use Interested In, we use this information to make an even more comprehensive and personalized learning experience for you.

Facebook – You can link to facebook and it will use your facebook login credentials to log into the app.

User Settings

These are your user settings! You can access and edit your full user profile from here. Just tap the button with your name and email.

What if I want to change my learning level but can’t?

If you are unable to change your learning level, it is because you opted for automatic level updating previously. This means that you are following our curriculum and in order to remain on track, we will use your level to update your progress.

If you feel that your level has improved since your last visit to our app, feel free to contact a consultant and they can discuss with you how to change your level.

Badges and Awards

TutorMandarin users can win a variety of badges and awards for their learning behavior. While the awards list is secret here’s a little tip off! See what happens if you:

  • Complete the trial
  • Study multiple days in a row
  • Study a certain number of hours in a month
  • Finish a course or package
  • Do well in a Course Overview
  • Share with friends

Can I share a badge?

Absolutely! Feel free to share and tell your friends about the TutorMandarin badge you just won.

What badges can I win? How can I win badge?

There are multiple badges you can win. Find out for yourself by: study for multiple days in a row, finishing courses and lessons, passing Course Overviews, etc.

What happens when I get a badge?

Collecting badges is a great way to impress your friends and gauge your learning techniques. Our badges serve as rewards for doing well in the app.

If you are getting a lot of badges, then you are definitely utilizing your learning effectively. Also, some badges might even come with a reward that can be used in our app. So keep learning and keep collecting badges!

Where do I see my badges?

Badges can be viewed in your student resume.

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