12th July 2016

FAQ – Dual Learning System

TutorMandarin supports a dual learning system that offers options for both students that prefer structured learning (packages) and those that prefer independent learning (custom booking).

Structured Learning – “Packages”

First off, we recommend packages for most users.
Packages are full 25 lesson courses that designed for systematic education progression based on the standards of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK).  Packages also have built-in rules that make sure users take classes in order and with a designed learning scheduling and adhere to the rule of at least 1 class per week. TutorMandarin currently offers package for Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, and Intermediate 2.

While everything is bought within the scaled credit system, packages are doubly discounted. Normally, a lesson costs 2 credits. Normally, 25 lessons purchased individually cost 50 credits.

Packages, however, only cost 36 credits for 25 lessons.

An incredible discount perfect for any serious learner.

Structured learning

What are Packages?

Once you purchase a Package, you will unlock the whole course at the level you choose. After that, we will help you to build up a study plan by booking your learning time with our tutor every weeks.

Each course contains 20-25 lessons, and it will break 4-5 lessons into a section. After you complete a section, you will take a supplement lessons — a 50 minutes lesson that reviews what you’ve learned and evaluates your progress.

Tutor provider class note after every lesson — giving you a summary of the content, evaluation, and personal language advice. The cumulative effect is that we can help you complete a study of a HSK level together in 4-5 months.a

Why choose Packages?

TutorMandarin believes the most effective way to learn a language is to have clear goals, a step by step education path, and a stable learning frequency over a certain period.

Packages are designed based on this concept, from simple to complex, we provide different courses according to HSK level, and each level has 4-5 section to help you set your learning goal. With automatically arranging learning time, learning reminders, 1-on-1 tutoring, and an incentivized price — we believe we can help you complete a study of a HSK level together in 4-5 months.


For achieving student’s need in different levels, we provide three different courses, which are Standards Courses, Module Courses, and Topic, to let student can choose the most suitable one with their language level.

Standards Courses- correspond to HSK

(50 minutes per lesson)

Lessons-Standards Courses

What is Standards Courses?

Standards Courses are one of our courses created for whom want to have a systematic learning experience, and for whom have learned Chinese before. These course are designed based on the standards of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), which separate Chinese learning into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance, and each stage can be divided into first level and second level, like Beginner 1, Beginner 2 .etc.

Including correspond to the HSK, our standards courses also combine the teaching methods and tutor training to create a strong interactive, inspirable learning experience for student to build up an amazing Chinese ability in a very short period.

What can I learn from each lesson?

Lessons are 50 minute sessions that follow a certain format:

  • Title Discussion
  • Warm UP
  • Conversation/ Dialogue
  • Discussion
  • Vocabulary
  • Exercises
  • Grammar
  • Practice
How long does it takes me to complete a level?

For people who finish three lessons, which is a 50 minutes interactive learning with tutor, per weeks, we believe they can complete a level within 2-3 months, or in slowest in 4-5 months.

Is there any chances allow me to do some practices?

Sure, not only you can have some practice with your tutor during the meeting, but also you will get a Supplement after you finished a section, which include 4-5 lessons.

Module Courses- Interest and goal-oriented learning

(50 minutes per lesson)

Lessons-Module Courses

What is Module Courses?

Module Courses are designed for student who have already had the HSK level 4 or above, which include business Chinese, industry Chinese and so on, in order to achieve interest and goal-oriented learning.

We also believe which can help student equip the oral communication and expression to deal with situations occurred in workplace and normal life within a very short time once they can use basic Chinese words and grammars in proper.s

Can I take Module Courses before I get into level 4?

No, you can’t. Unlike other learning systems which will put the practical lessons into beginning level, TutorMadarin believe it is hard to express the value of practical lessons to student who have not equipped the certain level of Chinese language. We sincere hope every costs that students spend on TutorMandarin can have relevant returns.


Supplements are 50 minute sessions that are used to give review or to focus on a specific area of Chinese learning that would require extra practice.

Independent Learning – Custom Booking

While we support structured learners through our packages, we also have a system designed for users that prefer independent learning. This is done through custom booking.

Independent Learning

What is Custom Booking?

We know some people have busy, unpredictable schedules that just won’t work with the Packages.

We know some people like to design their own learning experience.

We know there should always be room for trying new things and things that interest you.

For all these learners, we’ve made a separate system for the Independent Learner – Custom Booking.

We know people well.

Therefore, TutorMandarin offers the Credit System to make custom booking become possible. With Credit System, people can still book a lesson for 50 or 25 minutes at any time they feel comfortable, and the Credits that people need to purchase are only based on how many lessons they are going to take.

Who is recommended to choose Custom Booking?

We recommend people to choose Custom Booking as a major learning method, if they does not have regular time to learn. And for people who use different Mandarin learning systems, or who prefer to study by their own as a supporting tools.

Topics (25 minutes class)


What is Topics?

Topics are 25 minute sessions that are categorized by the topic of their content, which are also correspond with HSK, form level 1 to level 4. Also, Students are allow to choose a class based on what they are interested in, and practice their speaking in a scenario- type conversation.

Who is recommended for Topics?

We recommended Topics for students whose HSK level is under level 4, people who have short-term, specific needed, for example, travel, or business trip, and people who would like to have some speaking practices in topics like, news, culture, and trend and so on.

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