FAQ- Store

The store sells credits. Credits are used to buy Classes, Lessons, and Packages.



One credit costs $10
One credit can buy a 25 minute class
Two credits can buy a 50 minute lesson

Min Credits Price
Class 25 1 $10
Lesson 50 2 $20


Our Packages are full courses sold together with booking rules

E.g. Beginner 1 Package is all 26 Beginner 1 lessons that need to be taken in order at a rate of at least 1 lesson per week.

TutorMandarin Packages are sold at discount prices and adhere to the same set of package booking rules

Original Discount
Packages Credits/$ Credits/$

(26 lessons)

52/ $520 50/ $500

(26 lessons)

52/ $520 50/ $500

(25 lessons)

50/ $500 48/ $520

(30 lessons)

60/ $600 58/ $580

Pricing & Credit System

My Credits

Displays the number of credits the user has purchased. Use the sliding scale to buy more.

Purchasing Credits
Here the student can select a number of credits for purchasing. After reaching certain tiers, the credits will be sold at a discount.

Scenario 1: Billy wants to buy a package.

Billy has decided to follow our disciplinary track and purchase the Beginner 1 course package. He goes to the Package section and selects purchase package, adds to cart, and confirms purchase. The cost is 43 credits but he has not purchased any credits yet. The cost is calculated and he is able to purchase the credits that pay for the course package simultaneously. This package is now available for activation.

Scenario 2: Billy wants to buy credits.

Billy wants to buy credits so he can freely choose what lessons and classes he wants to purchase. He goes to the store and selects the plus symbol to purchase credits. He buys 30 credits and is now able to use the credits to convert to classes or lessons in any way that he chooses to do so. He can also if he wants use those credits towards purchasing a package if he chooses to.

Scenario 3: Billy wants to purchase a package/lesson/class using credits.

Billy has 60 credits. Billy can use these credits to purchase a package (most packages cost between 40 and 60 credits) or a lesson or class. He can also mix and match. Billy can purchase a package in the Package section. If Billy wants to book individual classes or lessons with credit, he just selects what lesson or class he wants and pays when he completes the booking.

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