FAQ - Tutors

The heart of TutorMandarin is real, personalized tutors. All of the tutors joining us have the experiences in Chinese language education, and progressive teaching methods. Meanwhile, the friendly attitude and oral based Chinese learning approach are the same values that we share together as well.

Tutor Hiring

Either our tutors have the international Chinese teaching certificate, or they have been teaching Chinese at universities, graduate school. Most important of all, both of these two types of teacher have Chinese teaching experience over 500 hours.

Before we hire them, the candidates whoever match one of the criteria mentioned above, will access into a rigorous reviewing process, which include professional Chinese teacher, the head of our education department, and certainly, the students learning Chinese from north-America and Europe being the judgment, to ensure candidates are qualified enough to provide a professional, interactive Chinese learning experience to our students.

Tutor Training

How do you train the tutors?

In addition to the professional requirement and strict selection process, our tutors are asked to have training design by TutorMandarin to get them being familiar with following skills.

Interactive teaching skill- TutorMandarin believe that friendly, interesting, and interactive teaching skill is one of the most important things in online tutoring. Therefore, what we will do is to help our tutors be capable with performing an easy, vivacious class without losing their focus and purpose.
Maximising the strengths of online tutoring- TutorMandarin believe that the best thing which online tutoring can bring to us is which allows people can have the same experience as we go to class personally. Hence, what we want to achieve is to deliver the best learning experience to students through tutor’s tone, facial expression, body language, and supporting materials as well.
Understanding and Guiding students- We expect our tutors can build up the trust with students, and to understand students’ logic, in order to adjust their lesson design to become more suitable with student’s ability.
Correcting and Improving- We also expect our tutors can not only help student to correct their faults in the class, but also provide other complement to students, and fill in the notes at the same time.

How long does the tutor training takes?

TutorMandarin tutors will have five training sessions, which are a 2 hours session and will be taken each week within 1-2 months, which may include:

  1. • Tutor Software Training
  2. • Tutors are trained to be familiar with our backend system, etc.
  3. • Tutor Education Training
  4. • Basic grammar knowledge
  5. • TutorMandarin teaching method
  6. • Interactive online activities for speaking, listening, and reading
  7. • How to let teaching be appropriate to student levels
  8. • Ideal standards of teaching

Tutor Management

What are the criteria of the monthly review?

From neat clothing, computer requirement to preparation for the class, and the speed, attitude while teaching. All of those things are what we care about and work on.

Will TutorMandarin evaluate the tutors?

Yes, of course we will. We will evaluate our tutors based on the ratings that students give to them after each class, and the scores decided by the monthly review handling by TutorMandarin.

Tutor Quality

At TutorMandarin, we’re invested just as much in tutor transparency as we are in quality. To that end we offer several standards.

Human Help

Moreover with our online support system, if you ever have any problem – simply click ‘online support’ and instantly start messaging and calling your personal consultant.


Each tutor writes out personal notes and evaluations after each lesson.


Each tutor comes with a vetted profile, publicly available to each user.

You can see the picture of each tutor, watch a video introduction, see their classroom rating, check their teaching years of experience and certificates.


Tutors are rated after each class for uber-style levels of trust.

Tutors have their official number of TutorMandarin classes taught on their profile as well as education experience that comes with.

Tutor Schedule

Tutors submit their schedule up to 1.5 months in advance. Users can come on a first come first serve basis to choose their favorite tutor.

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