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How To Flirt With A Chinese Girl / Boy

Some people say the appeal of Asian women is undeniable, as most of them get straight black hair, high cheekbones, mysterious eyes, and trim petite bodies. Not to mention, the Chinese girls. Since you’re learning Chinese, you might wanna get a rough idea how to strike up a conversation with an attractive girl (or maybe a guy) when you are traveling either in China or Taiwan. It will definitely impress the person you are interested in if you start a conversation in the Chinese language. Even if your Chinese isn’t proficient enough, it’s no loss to give it a try.


Well, since you know Chinese language learning is all about “pronunciation” and “tonnes”, it is possible that you might offend a girl or boy while you pronounce something wrong, and end up in a tragedy without knowing the reason for it. There is nothing easier, than getting prepared for such situations. Sign up for our Free Trial Class to help you out! Download our App at the Google PlayStore for free and enjoy your 1-on-1 Trial Class with one of our highly motivated professional Mandarin tutors to learn Mandarin online – no matter where you are! But that’s not all. If you sign up right now, we will send you extra Chinese language learning material incl. exercises to improve your pronunciation – that’s what it’s about in Chinese!


Now, to start with, we have to remind you that Asian girls are not easy to handle! Please get rid of your stereotype first, and always treat the girl in a gentleman manner.


Start with a simple thing, that every girl likes – Some compliments

Chinese Pinyin English
你很漂亮! Nǐ hěn piāo liàng! You’re pretty!
你非常可爱。 Nǐ fēi cháng kě ài. You are very cute.
你的眼睛很美。 Nǐ de yǎn jīng hěn měi. Your eyes are beautiful.
这件裙子/衬衣很适合你。 Zhè jiàn qún zǐ /chèn yī hěn shì hé nǐ. The dress/ shirt fit in right on you.
你真幽默! Nǐ zhēn yōumò! You are very humorous/ funny!


But take care! If you want to tell a guy that he looks very nice/ pretty, it is different to the wording for a girl:


你很漂亮! Nǐ hěn piāo liàng! You’re pretty!


Meeting a girl in a bar or a social occasion…

Chinese Pinyin English
请问你一个人吗? Qǐng wèn nǐ yī gè rén ma? May I ask you if you are alone?
我可以加入你吗? Wǒ kěyǐ jiārù nǐ ma? May I join you?
我能为你点一杯喝的吗? néng wèi nǐ diǎn yībēi hē de ma? May I buy you something to drink?
你经常来这里吗? Nǐ jīngcháng lái zhèlǐ ma? Do you come here often?
能交个朋友吗? Néng jiāo gè péngyǒu ma? Can we be friends? (Can I get to know you?)
如何称呼? Rú hé chēng hū? What’s your name?/ How can I call you?
能给我你的联络方式吗? Néng gěi wǒ nǐ de lián luò fāng shì ma? May I have your contact info?


It’s no secret, that every person is different, also in China. People say that Girls from the south and the north coast are totally different. Are you in China right now? Maybe check out this funny video about Chinese Girlfriends | North vs. South, before starting a conversation. But please don’t take it too seriously… Maybe you are already one step further and got in contact. In that case, you might want to invite the girl/ boy to a date.


Invite the girl to do something/ go out on a date

Chinese Pinyin English
你想跳舞吗? Nǐ xiǎng tiàowǔ ma? Do you want to dance?
你想出去透透气吗? Nǐ xiǎng chūqù tòu tòuqì ma? Would you like to get some fresh air?

(Asking a person if he/she wants to go outside with you)

你今天晚上有什么安排吗? Nǐ jīntiān wǎnshàng yǒu shé me ānpái ma? Do you have any plans for tonight? (Asking for a date)
你愿意一起和我吃晚餐吗? Nǐ yuànyì yīqǐ hé wǒ chī wǎncān ma? Would you like to have a dinner with me?
一起去喝杯咖啡,好吗? Yīqǐ qù hē bēi kāfēi, hǎo ma? Is it okay to have some coffee together?
你有空吗? Nǐ yǒu kōng ma? Are you free/ are you available?


You will be either rejected or accepted. So, you’d better learn the words that the girls/ guys might answer you. Especially, if the answer isn’t what you wanted to hear.


Possible answers if the person is not interested in your…

Chinese Pinyin English
对不起,我不感兴趣。 Duì bù qǐ, wǒ bùgǎn xìngqù. Sorry, I’m not interested.
我没空。 Wǒ méi kōng. I am not available/ free.
把你的手挪开! Bǎ nǐ de shǒu nuó kāi! Take your hands off of me!
滚开! Gǔn kāi! Fuck off!
走开! Zǒu kāi! Go away!


Wǒ yǒu nán yǒu le. //

Wǒ yǒu nǚ yǒu le.

I have boyfriend already. //

I have girlfriend already.

我不想… //


Wǒ bù xiǎng… //

Wǒ bù yuàn yì…

I don’t want to…  //

I am not willing to…

Of course, we hope you will get a positive response. So, if she/ he says yes… then… congratulations! Now begins the more difficult part: Small talk, finding out more about the other person. We already posted an article about “What’s your name” and “How to say tall in Chinese”. But be careful! The second one might not be the right questions for your first date. We hope you have a nice and successful meet up with you ideal person! Wanna know more about what to talk about in Chinese during your first date?  Sign up our free trial to learn Mandarin and download the Chinese App for more Chinese language materials and to learn Mandarin online.Subscribe to our blog newsletter! Hope to see you next time at TutorMandarin!

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