Wakin Chau 周華健 – Friends 朋友


“Friends” In Chinese Song

Wakin Chau also is known as HuaJian Zhou (born 22 December 1960), is a singer and actor from Hong Kong. He first started his music career in Taiwan which has released more than 40 albums in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English afterward.

Friends play a really important part in our life. No matter how old you are or where you are from, we all got friends. Do you still remember how you met your friends, what you’ve been through together or even how long you’ve known each other? There might be arguments, there might be tears but there are for sure a lot of happiness as well. Share this song to your friends and let them know how important they are!

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Zhèxiē nián yígèrén fēng yě guò yǔ yě zǒu
这些年 一个人 风也过 雨也走
All these years alone, I’ve been through winds and walked through rains

Yǒuguò lèi yǒuguò cuò hái jìdé jiānchí shénme
有过泪 有过错 还记得 坚持什麽
There were tears and mistakes but I still recall the things we hold onto

Zhēn àiguò cái huì dǒng huì jìmò huì huíshǒu
真爱过 才会懂 会寂寞 会回首
If you’ve loved then you would know, there are loneliness and goodbyes

Zhōng yǒu mèng zhōng yǒu nǐ zài xīn zhōng
终有梦 终有你 在心中
There are dreams, but I’ll always have you in my heart

Péngyǒu yìshēng yìqǐ zǒu nàxiē rìzi bzài yǒu
朋友 一生一起走 那些日子不再有
Friends are lifetime and those days will not return

Yí jù huà yí bèi zi yì shēng qíng yì bēi jiǔ
一句话 一辈子 一生情 一杯酒
One word, one life, a lifetime relationship, and a cup wine

Péngyǒu bùcéng gūdān guò yìshēng péngyǒu nǐ huì dǒng
朋友 不曾孤单过 一声朋友你会懂
With friends you won’t be lonely, lifelong friends you’ll understand

Hái yǒu shāng hái yǒu tòng hái yào zǒu hái yǒu wǒ
还有伤 还有痛 还要走 还有我
There are wounds and there is pain, we still got a long way but you have me

Yí jù huà yí bèi zi yì shēng qíng yì bēi jiǔ
一句话 一辈子 一生情 一杯酒
One word, one life, a lifetime relationship, and a cup wine

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