Greetings in Chinese – Free Chinese PDF Lesson on Greetings in Mandarin


 Greetings in Chinese

This is a beginner Chinese 50-minute TutorMandarin lesson about the title, “How Are You?” Beginner 1 level is for learners who cannot or speak a little bit of Chinese. Hence, we’ll teach you basic words in life, simple conversation and how to express your needs in this level. Also experiencing the student-centered learning environment.

In this Chinese Lesson you will learn:

1. How to express Chinese when greeting people politely and appropriately.

2. How to describe your feelings in the simple adjectives.

3.  Ask simple questions in Mandarin.

4. Positive vs. negative expressions in Chinese. 

Plenty of exercises will help you review and practice what you just learned. Enjoy your lesson!


Chinese Exercises:


Tā shì měiguó rén ma?

Is he an American?


Wǒ hǎo mángI am so busy.

I am so busy.


Wǒ bù lèi

I’m not tired.


Wǒ bùshì zhōngguó rén, wǒ shì rìběn rén.

I’m not Chinese, I’m Japanese.


Nǐmen dōu shì xuéshēng ma?

Are you all students?

This is the PDF lesson for Chinese beginners, for more and full FREE PDF lessons as well as complete learning, please sign up a free trial and start your Chinese learning with professional tutors!

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