How To Say Happy Birthday in Chinese

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Say Happy Birthday in Chinese

This is a beginner Chinese 50-minute TutorMandarin lesson about the title, “Today is my Birthday.” Beginner 1 level is for learners who cannot or speak a little bit of Chinese. Hence, we’ll teach you basic but useful words in life, simple conversation and how to express your needs in this level. When is your birthday? Do you know how to say your birthday and your birthday plan in Chinese? Let’s learn! To maximize your Chinese-learning efficiency,  experience the student-centered learning environment with our online professional tutors.


After the lesson of Happy Birthday In Chinese , you will know: 

1. How to express the exact date for the birthday in Chinese.

2. How to describe your birthday plan in Chinese.

3. Asking others’ schedule and what are they going to do in Chinese conversation.

4. How to say “sorry” and how to reply in Chinese.5. How to express you are thinking/want to do something or you are missing someone.


Plenty of exercises will help you review and practice what you just learned. Enjoy your lesson! But with real tutors, your learning effects would be greater!



1. 明天是你的生日,你想做什么? (Míngtiān shì nǐ de shēngrì, nǐ xiǎng zuò shénme?)

Tomorrow is your birthday, what do you want to do?


2. 今天下午你有空吗?  (Jīntiān xiàwǔ nǐ yǒu kòng ma?)

Are you free this afternoon?


3. 我的生日是七月一日。(Wǒ de shēngrì shì qī yuè yī rì.)

My birthday is on July 1st.


4. 我想他一直想寄信回家,是因为他想家人了。 (Wǒ xiǎng tā yīzhí xiǎng jì xìn huí jiā, shì yīnwèi tā xiǎng jiārénle.)

I think he always wants to send a letter to his hometown is because he’s missing his family.


5. 我们可以去饭馆吃饭或是去看电影。(Wǒmen kěyǐ qù fànguǎn chīfàn huò shì qù kàn diànyǐng.)

We can either go a restaurant for dinner or go to movies.


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Birthday is really important for almost everyone! When you are having a conversation with your Chinese friends, you guys are probably discussing your birthdays, telling your birthday plan or how to celebrate. After this lesson, you can celebrate birthday with your friends and wish your friends happy birthday! Make sure you can confidently talk about your birthday plan in Chinese as well as give your friends an unforgettable birthday!

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