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Ask Age in Chinese and Other Related Questions

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Ask age in Chinese

How to ask about age in Chinese? Height? Weight?

“How old are you?’
“How tall are you?”
“What’s your weight?”

These are not just important questions for doctors — but for you! The everyday person! We’ll teach you these questions and more through a few simple conversations in Chinese language learning.

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Learn Chinese Language ” Asking Age ”

Nǐ duōdà le?
How old are you?

Wǒ 20 suìle.
I am 20 years old.

Nǐ de fùqīn duōdà?
How old is your father?

Wǒ fùqīn 50 duō suì.
My father is more than 50 years old.

Nǐ de xiǎo xiōngdì  jǐsuì?
How old is your little brother?

Tā zhǐyǒu 8 suì.
He is just 8 years old.

Nǐ gē  bǐ nǐ dà duō shǎo  suì?
How many years older is your brother than you?

Tā bǐ wǒ dà liǎng suì.
He is two years older than me.

Asking about Height in Chinese

Nǐ (yǒu) duō gāo?
How tall are you?

Wǒ 182 límǐ.
I am 182 cm.

Nǐ shēngāo duōshǎo?
What is your height?

180 yú gōngfēn.
(I am) More than 180 cm.

Dī yú 180 gōngfēn.
(I am) Less than 180 cm.

Comparing heights in Chinese

Shuí bǐjiào gāo, nǐ háishì mǎkè?
Who is taller, you or Mark?

Mǎkè  bǐjiàogāo.
Mark is taller.


Mǎkè  jīhū hé wǒyīyàng gāo .
Mark is nearly as tall as I am.

Asking about weight in Chinese

Nǐ de tǐzhòng duō shǎo ?
What’s your weight?

Wǒ de tǐzhòng 60 qiānkè.
I weigh 60 kg.

Chāoguò 60 gōngjīn.
(I weigh) More than 60 kg.

Dī yú 60 gōngjīn.
(I weigh) Less than 60 kg.

Comparing weights in Chinese

Nǐ bǐ mǎkè gèng zhòng?
Are you heavier than Mark?

Dāngrán, wǒ bǐ tā zhòng dé duō.
Of course, I’m much heavier than him.

Mǎkè jīhū hé wǒyīyàng  zhòng.
Mark is nearly as heavy as me.

Wǒ rènwéi mǎkè  bǐ wǒ zhòngle yīdiǎn.
I think Mark is a little heavier than me.

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Disclaimer: Take care when asking people’s ages and weights. Maybe skip to our section about complimenting in Chinese. 你很漂亮 。- Nǐ hěn piāo liànɡ. meaning “You’re pretty”.

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