How to Learn Chinese Fast

learn chinese quickly

How to Learn Chinese Fast

These days, you will find many misconceptions about studying a language. The different language-leaning advertisements on the market have easily misguided people into believing that it is not possible to study a new language fast. Nobody should fear studying Mandarin Chinese as their second language. Learn Chinese language for beginners shouldn’t be that hard! Today we’re going help you learn to speak the Chinese language from basics like  “你好(nǐ hǎo),” “谢谢(xiè Xie)” or even “我很好(wǒ hěn hǎo).” The following methods can educate you on how to learn Chinese quickly and easily.

Do basic research

learn chinese research

There is a Chinese saying that goes, “磨刀不误砍柴工.” It means that the more prepared a person is, the faster they get work done. The first step to learning Mandarin Chinese fast is to do some basic research about the language. On the internet, you will find thousands of articles and videos introducing this fantastic language and the best way to learn Mandarin online. The learner should consider reading these documents to study the history of the target language such as why the Chinese characters are made of strokes and not letters or the difference between the traditional and the simplified Chinese characters.

Lay a solid foundation

foundatino in chinese

Most language learners like skipping the beginning part which is quite boring and wants to study the practical conversation part. But you need to learn basic Mandarin before you can learn Advanced Mandarin! This is recommendable for a person whose aim is to grab the basic greetings when going to a meeting with people from the Republic of China. Nonetheless, these greetings will not help you in the long-run. Serious learners lay a solid foundation of the Chinese language or even take some language tests so that they can study the language quickly. The first foundation of the Chinese language is the pinyin system. Ensure that your pronunciation and the tone are correct; know the spelling rules and the Chinese characters. Some people tend to think that studying the Chinese styles is not necessary. Nonetheless, without studying about them, it is impossible to become an advanced learner.


Master the knowledge points

If you want to know how to learn Chinese fast, you need to master the knowledge points of the target language. Grammar is the first thing that comes to our minds when we speak of knowledge points. In the language learning process, there are several grammar points to be learned. The good thing about Chinese grammar is that it is not difficult. The learner does not have to change the tense or the gender. After knowing the Chinese grammar points, you can link them together and make a sentence.

Sharpen your studying method

The method and tools that you use to study a language determine how fast you study it. There are two major ways that you can use to study Chinese; self-learning or using a tutor.


If you choose to study the new language all by yourself, you will be required to collect high-quality resources. The internet is beneficial since it provides various online language studying tools and libraries that can teach you how to study Chinese fast for free. You can go through them at home or in the office.

Learn with a tutor

The best way of studying Chinese fast is by seeking the help of a professional Chinese tutor. Such an expert will save you a lot of time because they will provide you with one-on-one instructions that will meet your needs and skills and help you to achieve your goal as soon as possible. Choose an experienced tutor who has been taught people how to learn Mandarin within a short time.

Immersion learning

Another way of studying Chinese fast is by creating your language environment. Language is one of the most important communication tools. You will lose it if you don’t use it. Therefore, keep activating your senses for writing, hearing, speaking, reading and listening to Chinese. This way, you will be creating an environment for the new language and also submerging yourself in it.

Practice, practice, practice

They say that practice makes perfect. Studying a new language is just like any other challenge in life. It takes time and enough exercise to overcome the obstacles and achieve success. There are several tactics in which you can practice the Mandarin language.

Watch the Chinese movies, and TV shows

chinese folktales

This is one of the best tactics to hear the language being spoken. By listening to it and hearing the proper tones, you will learn how to encompass the language as a whole. Reading about Chinese is not enough. You also need to listen to it too.


Listen to Chinese songs

If you think that Chinese is beautiful; you will enjoy listening to your favorite Chinese artists and the popular songs as well. You should also try Karaoke with your friends or in a bar. You will identify where you are not perfect and correct it. It is also a way to learn to speak the Chinese language.

Learn Chinese Through Mandarin TV Series “The Fierce Wife”

Visit and travel in China

Why Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese in China

This is an excellent way of practicing Chinese, knowing how to learn to read Chinese fast and how to learn to write Chinese fast. In that country, most people do not speak English, and those who do speak very little or even broken. It means that you will be forced to speak the Mandarin language. You will be studying the language every minute and every day of your stay.


If you follow the above steps, you will know how to learn Chinese fast. As a second language learner, it is normal to be nervous to use the language due to the fear of making mistakes. Nonetheless, use it as much as you can either in speaking or writing. Most people who have learned Chinese and stopped using it can only say 你好 and 谢谢. Using it is necessary because you will discover your weak parts in Chinese language and strengthen them.


Think you’re ready?

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