HSK 2 Course

Designed for learners who can use Chinese in a simple and direct manner, applying it in a basic fashion to their daily lives. In HSK 2 all characters are provided along with Pinyin.


This is a full course to prepare for the HSK 2 test. Focusing on listening and reading comprehension, the 55-minute HSK Level 2 test is intended for those who can read Chinese pinyin and understand a variety of simple phrases. This course will provide learners with a grasp of basic communicate about routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information. Learners will be introduced to some common topics in daily life and learn up to 250 words, as well as basic grammar.

HSK 2 Chinese Course

What you will learn in HSK 2

• 45 lessons

• 250 words

• Daily social phrases

• Simple daily conversations (Discussing hobbies, talking about the future and the past)

• How to offer and decline an invitation (How to invite, rejecting people politely, feeling pitiful for others)

• Explaining situations (talk to the taxi driver, talking to a doctor)

• Giving a personal introduction

• Comparing two things and answer simple questions