Intermediate 1 Course


For Chinese learners who can already communicate confidently about familiar topics related to their interests. Learners are also able to understand the context of a conversation and to take part in an exchange


During this course, you will get to know more specialized Chinese grammar patterns, phrases, as well as vocabulary relevant to your interests as well as public interest topics. Students will also learn more intensively how to use comparative and narrative descriptions of past, present, and future time through role plays in various situations.

Learn Chinese Language Intermediate 1

What you will learn

• 250 Vocabulary words (750 Total from B1-I1)
• Discussing about daily life, education, and work
• Using different social phrases for different occasions
• How to discuss topics and hobbies (lifestyle, sports, travel plans)
• Expressing personal preference (what you like or dislike, buying things on internet, product quality)<
• Show off your personality by diving deeper into interests, feelings, and opinions (Job choices, vacation plans, personality types)