Kids Chinese 2 Course

For young learners who can conduct basic conversations and ask simple questions

This course continues to teach the basics of Chinese grammar such as past, present, and future aspects building on the existing knowledge. Based on interactive discussions and activities, you will become more comfortable and confidant using key grammar and phrases for your regular Mandarin conversations. Lessons are still centered around topics that one can enjoy immediate application. For instance, asking for directions and time, getting change from a purchase at a store, talking about your schedule, introducing self, family members, or friends in more detail, etc.

Kids Chinese 2 Beginner

What you will learn in Kid Chinese 2

•Another 150 words (learn totally 300 words through K1+K2)

•24 new grammar points

•More pinyin exercises to keep improving your pronunciation

•Radicals and strokes to help study Chinese characters

•Topics to consolidate communication skills (e.g.: to invite and reject others politely)

• More daily life situations to function well at the survival level