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Learn Chinese Online for Free

How to learn Chinese online for free?How can I learn Chinese to read and speak well in Chinese and for free while using online resources? Often there come up a lot of questions like this, when someone starts to learn a new language. So, is it possible in 2016? Maybe! Let’s explore why and why not.

Free Online Chinese Resources

How to learn Chinese?There are many free online Chinese language learning tools. Sometimes it seems like finding a needle in a haystack might be easier, than finding the right learning platform or system, that fits you the best.

At TutorMandarin – Professional Mobile Mandarin Tutoring we have free weekly content that you can learn Chinese language from, selected curriculums are fully available, and more. There are plenty of other websites and apps to learn from for free as well:

Starting with writing apps like Zizzle or Skritter, which are great to get a feeling for the writing rules of Chinese characters. Continuing with fantastic playing games at HelloChinese or Chinese-Skills, which are great for beginners as well. Ending up with the option of listening to podcasts, like those from Melnyks and YouTube videos from Chinesepod, which are extraordinary good, too.

The list of good and recommendable online resources seems to be unlimited.

Therefore, we browsed through the internet, looking for relevant websites that might be interesting for you. Convince yourself by looking up some of our results:

Hacking Chinese – Online learning platform

How do I learn Chinese – Learn Chinese with songs and games

Lingolistic – Learn a new language with videos

Sinosplice – The longest-running blog on the internet focused on learning Mandarin Chinese.

Tealit – Chinese online learning platform

Zhongwen Red – Three-part series of free Mandarin Chinese online courses

Don’t prefer English? No problem! We got some extra learning website, that are also available in several other languages.

LingQ – Authentic content and online community for Chinese learners

my language exchange – Your Language Exchange Online Community

Chinese-toolsEverything about modern and traditional China, travel, study, news, business, Chinese learning material, tools and resources, forum and language exchange club.

Watch to learn Chinese – Nothing but free videos to help you speak Mandarin!

Wuxia World – Chinese fantasy novels and light novels!

memrise – Learning, made joyful

Hello Talk – Voice-to-text, text-to-voice, transliteration and much more.

Nevertheless, there is a reason for saying “Learning by doing”!

To be honest, it’s hard to learn anything perfectly all by yourself.So, how to learn Chinese more effectively? You need someone more qualified who is willing to help you with your personal situation (strengths, weaknesses, and goals).

To think outside of Chinese for a second…

  • If you learn weightlifting from just watching videos — you might think you have the correct form, but don’t. This can’t not only stunt progress, but could badly injury you.
  • If you learn guitar by a book — you may learn scales but may not know how to correctly understand them, apply them, and get full use out of them in a real jamming situation (based on your favorite style of music).

For the Chinese language learning, you need to make sure your pronunciation is correct from the beginning. Fixing bad habits later on is much harder. Understanding complicated grammar points is easier with a qualified teacher who knows how to explain them simply. Speaking like a native requires a native tutor to give you that feedback.

In the bigger scheme of things, most people learn a language so they can speak it. The whole point is connecting with another person from a different culture. By having a real tutor — you will keep motivated, have a better time studying, and will be able to more practical use language for the tool that it is.

Chinese Resource Overview

Free resources are great but have a limit. Definitely, dig into all the Chinese language you’re interested in — but don’t underestimate the importance of having a good teacher from the start, if you really want to be able to speak Chinese.

If you’re not able to take a course in your town or near by and you want to take classes flexible with a professionally qualified tutor, TutorMandarin might be the right choice. Not convinced?  Sign up our free trial to learn Mandarin and download the Chinese App for more Chinese language materials and to learn Mandarin online.

Do we have forgotten a remarkable website? We are thankful for every tip!

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