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All TutorMandarin tutors have graduated with the degree in Chinese Language Education and have practical classroom and online teaching experiences. Therefore, learn Chinese online with our tutors is the most convenient way to learn Chinese from native tutors. Tutors are rated after each class for optimum transparency and professionalism. Our Chinese tutors are not only professional but also friendly, patient and passionate. In order to maximize your learning progress and interest when you learn Chinese online, tutors would always apply flexible teaching style to fit every student. Every student deserves a much enjoyable learning experience, so our tutors would encourage you to learn Chinese with full passion.

TutorMandarin has dozens of great tutors to choose from in your learn Chinese online process. Not only are they professional but also caring and patient for our students. They are passionate in teaching and would always willing to help students with Chinese questions. They are all native Chinese speakers so that students' pronunciation would be corrected to standard. With our tutors' help and teaching, we make sure our students here in TutorMandarin can have the best learning experience and results. Come meet some of them!

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5 stars Tutormandarin


5 stars Tutormandarin


5 stars Tutormandarin

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5 stars Tutormandarin

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Teacher Lín chén comes from Dàlián in the northeast of China. With four-year professional Chinese-teaching training, teacher Lín chén has been teaching for three years. From beginner to advanced level, Vincy will teach you Mandarin in all courses with passion and would successfully lead you to learn Chinese online with great progress. Come learn Mandarin with Vincy and achieve your goals! 


Nicole comes from southeast of China, Yúnnán. Also major in teaching Chinese as a second language, Nicole has seven-year professional training and two-year real teaching experiences. Let Nicole help you to speak Chinese fluently and achieve your learning goals through learning Chinese online.


Teacher ShuChi comes from Taiwan. Majoring in teaching Chinese as a second language, teacher ShuChi has been training for 4 years and professionally teaching for 3 years. Teacher ShuChi can teach you Mandarin of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Make sure you have an enjoyable learn Chinese online journey with teacher ShuChi!


Learn Chinese online with Teacher Emma, a professional Mandarin tutor from Taiwan. Having four-year training and three-year teaching experience, Emma has been teaching Chinese learners from various backgrounds and levels. Come learn Chinese with Emma, explore your interest in Chinese language, culture and fulfill your goals!

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See how TutorMandarin's professional tutors teach you Mandarin in 25-minutes topic class organized with HSK standard. This is the learn Chinese online lesson in intermediate 2 level. With clear and well-organized teaching process and explanation, our online Mandarin tutors would lead you to understand Chinese language and easily follow the learning pace. The learn Chinese online class includes vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and exercise. 

What's more, your tutor would encourage you to speak and practice in Chinese as much as possible. And don't be shy if you have any questions in Chinese, the tutor would always be happy to explain to you! Let's reach your education goals and build your confidence with our professional, passionate and patient tutors! Don't forget to sign up for a free trial to experience efficient and convenient learn Chinese online class. So, are you ready to take the class? Let's learn Chinese online!

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Learn Chinese online with Teaching (500+ hrs each) certified Mandarin tutors

Teaching (500+ hrs each)

Not only master in both Chinese and English languages, TutorMandarin tutors are certified in teaching Chinese as a second language. On top of that, each of them has extensive classroom teaching experience for more than 500 hours. We make sure our tutors are well-trained, experienced and professional in teaching. Our tutors also care about students and would closely follow students' improvement. 


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Besides the certified degree in teaching Chinese as a second language, all of our tutors must go through and pass our solid customized training program with interactive, spoken teaching and student-centered method as well as being able to use our software effectively. Our tutors can lead you to learn Chinese online with efficiency. We would apply our core teaching methodology as well as some flexible adaptations. 

Transparency-Learn Chinese online


You can always see the profile, schedule, and rating of our tutors. Students provide ratings after each class based on their learning experiences. What you think about your learn Chinese online experiences, the tutor, content, or any suggestion can note down in the rating questionnaire. TutorMandarin tutors would always appreciate for students' improving suggestions and compliments.