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Learn Chinese Greeting Words!

Greeting friends in the Chinese language is not as hard as you think. It’s always nice to start a relationship with “greeting”. And you are required to have a basic concept of it in order to ask Chinese locals for help or express your needs. This post is totally what you need, now learn the simple but useful phrases in Chinese language learning with TutorMandarin. 


Let’s begin Meeting People in Mandarin ! 

English Pinyin Chinese
Hello ní hǎo 你好。
How are you? ní hǎo ma? 你好吗?
I’m fine, and you?

Not good.

wó hén hǎo, nǐ ne?

bù hǎo,

我很好, 你呢?


Me too wŏ yĕ shì 我也是。
Nice to meet you. 1.jiàndao ní hěn gāoxìng.

2.hĕn gāo xìng rèn shí nĭ.



Goodbye zàijiàn 再见。
See you soon.  yíhuìr jiàn  一会儿见。. 
See you tomorrow.                      míngtiān jiàn 明天见.。


English Pinyin                 Chinese 
Thank you xièxie 谢谢。
You’re welcome búkèqi 不客气。
Sorry duìbuqǐ 对不起。
It doesn’t matter méiguānxi 没关系。
No problem méiwèntí 没问题。


English Pinyin Chinese
Can you give me…  néng gĕi wǒ…ma? 给我…?         
Excuse me, may i ask…?         qĭng wèn…? 请问…?
That /This nà/zhè 那/ 这
I want (something) wǒ yào … 我要 …
I don’t want (something) wǒ búyào … 我不要 …
Do you have (something)? ní yǒu … ma? 你有 … 吗?
Where is the (something)? … zài nǎr? … 在哪儿?
How much is it? duōshǎoqián? 多少钱?
How to go to…? zĕn me qù…? 怎么去…?
Please speak slowly. qǐng shuō màn yìdiǎn 请说慢一点。.

Now, you get a rough idea of how to ask and greet in Chinese, can you pronounce them correctly? Our tutors would love to help you to learn Chinese.

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Don’t forget to ask their names when you first meet people.

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