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Want to learn Business Chinese?

Are you looking to learn Chinese for business? Learn not just the necessary vocab and grammar -- but to have the confidence to speak Chinese in real, live Business situations? Well don't worry, we’ve got you covered!

To start off, we’re gonna give you a FREE class with a real tutor.

Then we’ll help you plan your progress. We have curriculums for every level as well as custom business topics that you can choose from (like "干杯!How to say ‘Cheers' in Chinese). Each class student-focused and speaking based. As soon as you sign up, we’ll send you a free Business Chinese ebook and PDF lessons straight to your email.

TutorMandarin Business Chinese ebook

Business Chinese ebook

Just as there are survival phrases for general Chinese, so too are there for business Chinese. Enjoy this free ebook from TutorMandarin which will teach you the necessary business vocabulary, phrases, and grammar to start making deals right away in Mandarin. 

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Beginner Chinese Class – “干杯!Say Cheers!”

This is a TutorMandarin Beginner Chinese Culture Topic Class. In this lesson, you will learn how to say "cheers" in Chinese and teach you all about the drinking culture and customs in China. The class is both level-appropriate and immediately practical. By the end of the lesson, you'll know not just some new Chinese vocabulary but you'll be much more knowledgeable several Chinese customs --   so you're prepared to interact with real Chinese speakers at your next cocktail party or night out!

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Intermediate Chinese Class – “网购 Online Shopping”

This is an Intermediate 2 online Mandarin Chinese class from TutorMandarin. As a topic class, it's only 25 minutes, as opposed to our 50-minute lessons.

This topic is about 网购 (short for 网上购物also known as "Online Shopping!" In this lesson, you will, first, learn about how to do online shopping in Chinese with this step by step lesson. More importantly, you'll learn to discuss modern social trends in online shopping and use your intermediate Mandarin to discuss the culture aspect of online shopping and how it might differ from your country.

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