Spring Saying – 一日之計在於春

Make your whole year's plan in Spring/ tutormandarin


Make your whole year’s plan in the spring

Have you ever come across this proverb “Make your whole year’s plan in the spring, and your whole day plans’  in the morning”一年之计在于春 一日之计在于晨 (Yī nián zhī jì zàiyú chūn yī rì zhī jì zàiyú chén)? It is a commonly used Chinese proverb that suits the spring weather now!

As the flowers are blossoming and the birds are sing on the tree, do you know how to describe spring? Check here for our old post of Chinese phrases about spring. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for our free trial and download the app, get your free online lesson on how to learn Chinese with our professional tutor to enhance your Chinese language learning journey!


The proverbs mean that spring is the most important season of all.

For instance, if you want to make any plans, make sure to do it now! Meanwhile, morning is as well the most important period of all. Since a morning person is better at organizing their day and their time. This phrase is mostly used by the teacher asking their students to work hard and study. It’s important to start from the beginning and to build a steady foundation for the future! It’s the same in Chinese, once you plan to learn Chinese language, it’s important to know all the basics and get to know them by heart. No matter it’s Pinyin, tones, or the character, a strong foundation is undeniable. 

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一年 yī nián A year
ji plan
在于 zàiyú is about
chūn Spring
一日 yī rì A day
chén moring
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