Before the Class - 5 Minutes to Test Your Chinese Level


Click "start" to take a simple Chinese test. See how well you can understand and describe your daily life in Mandarin Chinese. The test contains about 20 questions that won't take you too much time on. After this 5-minute test, you can take other small and interesting tests below. Not only can you test your Chinese level but also learn some new knowledge about Chinese language and culture! The test would be the first and simple tool if you want to know your Chinese level, afterward, you can have more professional and accurate results with our online tutors in free trial and classes. 

What's Your Chinese Level? - 5 Minute Quiz | TutorMandarin

A quick online quiz from TutorMandarin to assess your current Chinese language level.

Countries' names in Chinese

Language connects people around the world! Are you good at geography and recognizing countries? Then click "start" to see if you can combine your knowledge with Chinese! Also, learn how to pronounce your hometown or favorite countries in Mandarin. Quick tip, many of the Chinese country names have similar pronunciation with English ones because they translated based on the sound! So, let's get started to the world!  

Family members in Chinese

Almost in every culture and language, the first word a baby starts to speak is "mama", or any family member. In Mandarin, "aunt" has several different expressions to distinguish the aunt from father's side or mother's, or from distant relatives. Same as "uncle", "grandparents" or "cousin". Compared to English, Mandarin family trees and relatives' addresses are pretty varied and even complicated. Want to know how to address your family members in Mandarin? Check it out!


Ask About Weather in Chinese  

When you are trying to strike a conversation with a stranger, you may want to start with asking weather. So how do you express weather and natural phenomenon in Mandarin? It's important to know Chinese in weather even when you are a tourist travel to Chinese-speaking countries. Quick knowledge, the Chinese character for "rain" is derived from Pictograms which you can easily recognize the word with the picture. Start the tiny test and see how well you know how to describe weather and nature! 

Describe People in Chinese

Do you want to be able to describe the people that you remember and you are impressed by? How to say "curly hair" or "black straight hair"? And how do you describe somebody's beautiful eyes and their features? Just take this test and test if you can specifically describe people! 




Ask for Directions in Chinese countries

To know how to ask for directions in  Chinese countries is really important! If you've ever get lost, you will thank yourself that you prepared! Just the simple "go straight", "turn right", or "how can I get to..." in the Chinese language can help you a lot! Test yourself for travel Chinese, and what's more important, read the blog about asking directions and useful travel Chinese sentences! I'm sure it's gonna help if you are a traveler!