Nineties in China vs. Now | Facts you need to know

Nineties in China vs. Now | Fun Facts

The Nineties in China were a crazy time! How well do you know the trends and fashion of that period? This video comedically exaggerates the difference in Chinese culture during the 90’s vs now as made by TMD Shanghai. Enjoy learning Chinese culture from yester years and compare it as you can to China’s current situation.

As you watch the video you can use the Chinese vocabulary shown the table below. Learn Chinese while you watch youtube! The best!

Chinese Vocab Words

电视剧 diànshìjù n. TV series
时尚 shíshàng n. fashion
联系 liánxì v. contact
网站 wǎngzhàn n. website
约会 yuēhuì n. appointment
音乐 yīnyuè n. music
游戏 yóuxì n. game
明星 míngxīng n. Celebrity
行尸走肉 xíngshīzǒuròu n. The Walking Dead
调情 tiáoqíng v. flirt
轻浮了 qīngfúle adj. Flirty
脸书 liǎn shū n. Facebook
微博 wēi bó n. Weibo
微信 wēixìn n. WeChat
怀孕 huáiyùn n. pregnancy
百度 bǎidù n. Baidu

These vocabularies will be very useful if you want to learn Chinese language. Here are other Chinese videos to learn Chinese culture for you.

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