best way to learn Chinese characters

What’s the Best Way to Learn Chinese Characters?

What’s the best way to learn Chinese characters? To learn Chinese characters, you need to learn “radicals” first. Chinese characters can be categorized into 6 types: Pictograms, Ideograms Ideogrammic compounds Phono-semantic compounds Transformed cognates Rebus Among all Chinese characters, more than 90% of them are Phono-semantic compounds. A Phono-semantic compound consists of a radical related[…]

different simplified and traditional characters

List of different simplified and traditional characters

What is this list of different Simplified and Traditional Characters? Chinese has several written variations including Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Mainland Chinese typically use Simplified Chinese Characters, but Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others still use Traditional Chinese Characters. Simplified Chinese in Mainland China is a recent phenomenon and has only been incorporated nationally since the[…]

traditional vs simplified Chinese

Traditional vs Simplified Chinese: What’s the difference?

Traditional vs Simplified Chinese: What’s the difference? Before we explore traditional vs simplified Chinese, let’s take a look at the history. Listen to it explained in simple terms by our own education manager, Teacher Yao’An. A short history of Simplified Characters A long, long time ago there were only traditional Characters and that’s the only[…]

what are chinese words

How to distinguish between Chinese characters and words

How to distinguish between characters and words when reading Chinese? If you are a beginning Chinese learner sometimes you have trouble differentiating between Chinese characters and Chinese words. The problem is that in Chinese writing there are no spaces in between words like English. This means that any two characters next to each other could[…]

total number of chinese words

How Many Chinese Words Are There? How many Chinese Characters?

How many words are there in the Chinese language? Or how many Chinese characters are there? Is it the same or does it make a difference? Chinese is not English. Chinese is a comprised of pictograms that are referred to as characters. Characters are used alone or combined together to make Chinese words. One character[…]