Which Chinese language is best to learn?

Which Chinese language is best to learn? The best Chinese language is “Pǔtōnghuà” or “Mandarin,” the official language in China. What is Mandarin and why is it the best Chinese language to learn?  Pǔtōnghuà means the “common language” in Mandarin Chinese. Different from English, the dialects in Chinese are mostly not mutually comprehensible. Even though[…]

improve Chinese tones

How do I improve Chinese tones?

How do I improve Chinese tones? If you’re asking yourself about how to improve Chinese tones, that’s a good thing! Having a strong foundation with great tones and pronunciation is imperative to speak fluent Chinese. Plus, with the tones, there’s only 5 of them! Students should spend time early getting their tones right and to set[…]

Top 10 Reasons “Why Learn Chinese?”

Why Learn Chinese? The top 10 reasons to learn Chinese from TutorMandarin There are tons of reasons to learn a second language, especially Chinese. We’ll choose some of our most compelling arguments — but know there’s plenty more. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Alright, let’s go! The top 10[…]

top recommended

Top Recommended from TutorMandarin- Lingolistic

   TutorMandarin’s top recommendation     TutorMandarin Reviews – Lingolistic   The Hype At TutorMandarin, we’re big fans of Armel Pingault, the former CTO of Chinesepod. So, we were very excited to try out the latest project he’s been working on – a web-app called “Lingolistic”. The name alone leads to high expectations. A “holistic”[…]