Tips for Reading Chinese

[Guest Post] 7 Useful Tips for Reading in the Chinese Language

Tips for Reading in the Chinese Language People from all around the world are interested in learning Chinese more than ever. Some of them do it for business purposes and others for the pure fun out of it. Whatever your reasons for learning Chinese are, you’ll inevitably come to a really challenging step along the[…]

Living in China

[Guest Post] Tips for living and learning Chinese in China

Moving to China can be a wonderful and thrilling experience for those who are interested in Chinese culture, the booming business opportunities of China’s economy, and the chance to learn a new language in a completely foreign environment. However, making the move to China can be very daunting. Here are our top tips for people[…]

how to type chinese

How to Type in Chinese Characters on a Keyboard

How do you type in Chinese characters on the keyboard?   You want to know how keyboards or typing in the Chinese language works — since it’s done with thousands of complex characters instead of 26 letters. Here’s the best visual we can give you for now with an explanation. Let’s say you’re typing on wechat or[…]