what are chinese words

How to distinguish between Chinese characters and words

How to distinguish between characters and words when reading Chinese? If you are a beginning Chinese learner sometimes you have trouble differentiating between Chinese characters and Chinese words. The problem is that in Chinese writing there are no spaces in between words like English. This means that any two characters next to each other could[…]

total number of chinese words

How Many Chinese Words Are There? How many Chinese Characters?

How many in Chinese Characters How many words are there in the Chinese language? Or how many Chinese characters are there? Is it the same or does it make a difference? Chinese is not English. Chinese is a comprised of pictograms that are referred to as characters. Characters are used alone or combined together to[…]

type in Chinese

Type in Chinese or Handwriting?

  Type in Chinese or Handwriting? There are a couple of questions most people might think of while learning Chinese! Nowadays it is more common to write an email or a letter via PC than with your hand. Hence some people are not sure how important it really is to be able to write Chinese[…]