Live in Taipei? Study Chinese? Want free money and classes?

Live in Taipei? Study Chinese? Want money and free classes?

Want free money and classes?

Event Details

TutorMandarin, professional mobile Mandarin tutoring, is looking to pay Western, adult Chinese learners in Taipei to come to our office (next to Taipei City Hall) and take a free Chinese lesson to learn Chinese online (with a 500+ hour professional tutor) through our upcoming mobile app.

Accepted testers will receive the free 50 minute lesson to learn Chinese, 200 NTD, and an early-adopter 30% discount on a future first purchase.

Tester Requirements

We are currently accepting 15-20 testers based on the following requirements and preferences.

Requirements (seriously, required)

  • Chinese language learning (any level ok, even survival/newbie)
  • Adult, young adult expat
  • Available to come to our Taipei City Hall office for 1 hr between October 3rd-7th

Preference (not required, but a plus!)

  • Learning business Chinese
  • Have learned/are learning Chinese online
  • Use an Android phone

Live in Taipei?

Limited spaces available!

Sign up our free trial to learn Mandarin and download the Chinese App for more Chinese language materials and to learn Mandarin online.


About TutorMandarin

TutorMandarin is a mobile Chinese language teaching app where professional tutors with over 500 hours of experience teach original oral-based curriculums and topic-based lessons through a state of the art mobile classroom and interactive whiteboard. Learning is personalized with an automatically updated student resume, class notes, and badges. Students also get free access to our frequently updated What’s On articles, curated Youtube videos, and Flashcards.

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