Teach Chinese Online – Earn Money With TutorMandarin Affiliate Program

tutormandairn affiliate program for chinese learners

Earn extra money online with TutorMandarin affiliate program.

Teach Chinese Online

Do you have friends who are interested in, trying to, or is learning Chinese right now? Or do you know someone who is looking for online Chinese lessons? If so, don’t hesitate to bring them into TutorMandarin online Chinese classes! We are looking for affiliates to help to reach out Chinese learners they know.

Help your friends to get a better learning Chinese sources and tutors and earn some extra money from referral! In addition, you can get one FREE Chinese class trial to decide whether you want to continue taking the classes with our tutors.

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Chinese tutoring classes  

TutorMandarin provides complete teaching services in 1-on-1 Chinese classes, available on PC and Mobile app. We have Chinese courses level from beginner to advanced with contents in Daily Communication, HSK Preparation, Travel Chinese, and Business Chinese. What’s more, we have lots of Chinese e-books, PDF, videos and Chinese-related blogs for Mandarin learners. It’s important to start learning Chinese with resources of all kind.

You can download our free e-books and PDF from different levels and topics. What’s more, learning Mandarin classes with tutors on your phone or PC makes it much easier and more convenient to learn. Everyone who signs up would get one FREE Chinese lesson.

TutorMandarin Affiliate Program

Now, if you share the information of TutorMandarin to your friends and they join our courses, which we will be appreciated and give you 15~30% of the courses price for commission! Every time the new paying customer referred by you, you will get the commission from it. Just a simple three steps, sign up, share, and earn. Be our powerful and important affiliates today!

  • Sign up – submit application form

          Sign up our application form to be our affiliates! After you submit the application form, we will contact you through Skype or email to approve your application status. We will let you know when you are officially our affiliates.

  • Share – Easy promo-code sharings

After you become our affiliates, share TutorMandarin with your friends, family, or anyone you know might want to learn Mandarin. Every customer will receive a promotion code, which you can share with your friends in different platforms. If your friends use your promo-code,  they will get discounts for the Chinese classes; meanwhile, you will get the commission because you just refer a new customer to us!

More importantly, everyone who signs up will get a free learn Mandarin trial from TutorMandarin! You can get a free trial to familiarize with not only your level but our flexible teaching style. Therefore, share around and help your friends to learn Chinese!

  • Earn – commission and regular payment

    teach chinese to make extra money

    Earn extra money online with TutorMandarin affiliate program.

Like mentioned above, every paying student referred by you would also earn you 15~30% commission. A lesson in TutorMandarin is about 20 US dollars, and there are about 45 lessons in one level.

If you referred a friend who ended up purchase our package, you would get 15% of the course price. If you helped us refer 2-4 paying students, you can get 20% as commission. The more paying students you bring to us, the more you earn!  Commission rates go up to 30 % for introducing more than 8 customers to us!

Furthermore, we would pay you the commission through your PayPal account or other payment methods you prefer. We would regularly pay you on the 10th of every month, based on the sales revenue you helped us with last month.   

Why be an affiliate with TutorMandarin?

The steps and process to become an affiliate is simple and clear. After you sign up and have any question, we have a personal assistant to help you. Also for the Chinese learners you refer, TutorMandarin’s assistants would reach out and help them with a free trial and other learning schedules.  

Get started today!

More and more people in the world are starting to learn Chinese! If you have friends who are eager to learn Mandarin with native professional Chinese speakers, help us to share, get them a free trial, and also receive our thank-you commission! We have interactive online classes that make our students learn anytime, anywhere on their mobile phone or PC. There’s no boundaries or time zones limitation, just the revolutionary technology, professional tutors and module, and the passionate heart of the learners.

So what are you waiting for? Join us to make Chinese learning more convenient and efficient. Sign up TutorMandarin’s affiliate form and get yourself a chance to earn extra money and help out your friends!

Apply now to the TutorMandarin Affiliate Program


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